Feb 07,2014. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS Vol. 5: Adding creativity to lifestyle

1.24 Fri 19:00 START

Masuko Unayama(SyuRo), Takayuki Minami(

When selecting items to enrich our lifestyles from the vast array of choice that surrounds us, how do we come to a decision in terms of aesthetics and values? At this workshop, Masuko Unayama (SyuRo), designer and director of the tableware used at the INTERSECT BY LEXUS café and restaurant, explores the process of selecting such items with buyer Takayuki Minami (, creative director of the popular select shop ‘1LDK.’

The first topic of conversation was the work of the two guest speakers. Ms. Unayama explained that she designed the tableware for INTERSECT BY LEXUS to suit the design of the space, and in a way that it would not interfere with the presentation of the food. She added that she also wanted to reflect the focus on craftsmanship of the original items on sale at INTERSECT BY LEXUS, as well as the characteristically Japanese sense of beauty in minimalism. She said that in her own life she is very conscious of what she likes; when walking in the city, she notes the colors of cars, the patterns on manhole covers, as well as subtle sensations of touch. Mr. Minami expressed complete agreement with Ms. Unayama’s use of the five senses to experience things to their fullest. To explain the selection of items as a form of personal expression, he drew examples from his own select shop, which deals not only in clothing but a whole array of miscellaneous goods and books related to lifestyle.

The workshop resumed after a short break, during which salmon sandwiches and coffee were served, with further elaboration on the topics discussed during the first half. The two speakers introduced items of personal significance to them, divided into the themes of fashion, travel, food and gifts. Under the gifts theme, Ms. Unayama introduced an Iitalla vintage glass she had brought back from a recent trip to Finland, while Mr. Minami introduced a heat-resistant glass made from vision glass – he had particularly liked the box it came in, and decided to buy six of them.

During the workshop, guests were handed instant cameras and asked to take pictures of items of particular interest to them. The photos were collected and posted on a large panel. Ms. Unayama and Mr. Minami proceeded to select pictures that caught their attention. Ms. Unayama expressed appreciation for the story that often lies behind an item. Mr. Minami picked out a well-loved hand cream. “I think that it’s good to have personal rules,” he explained. “Whether it’s a particular hand cream or something as simple as stepping with your right foot first, having a purpose means you put a personal stamp on your lifestyle.” When a photograph was chosen, the person who took it was given a microphone and asked to explain their interest in the object.

As well as touching on the two speakers’ own senses of value, the workshop also allowed those in attendance to see their own items in a new light. No doubt the experience here will affect their future decisions when picking out items.

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