Sep 18,2015. UPDATE

Event Report: CRAFTED FOR LEXUS x Creators Workshop 1 ONE KILN x Shogo Sekine

9.05 Sat 16:00 START

CRAFTED FOR LEXUS x Creators is a new series of workshops partnering young Japanese crafts designers from the LEXUS CRAFTED FOR LEXUS lifestyle collection with up-and-coming artistic talents.

The first workshop was held on September 5th with Yusuke Kido of ceramic brand ONE KILN and popular illustrator Shogo Sekine.

Sekine and ONE KILN have also collaborated on an original coffee mug exclusive to INTERSECT BY LEXUS.

The workshop participants first listened to an informal introduction by Kido and Sekine, before they started making their own illustrations on the ONE KILN mugs especially prepared for the event.

The INTERSECT BY LEXUS ground floor Garage space transformed into an art studio, with numerous colored pens arranged on a large table along with a plain white mug for each participant. There was also an oven for drying the ink on the painted cups.

Kido and Sekine sat around the table with the participants to assist them in their choice of design and color.

“These ONE KILN mugs are already nice just as they are,” said Sekine. “But let’s personalize them and see what we can create. You can illustrate them any way you want. Write your initials or draw animals or something abstract. Anything is OK!”

Kido explained the process. “You can start over if you change your mind. It doesn’t matter how many times. Speak to Sekine to get help with your ideas.”

Sekine had already created his own illustrated mugs, painting on the same ONE KILN cups used in the workshop. For his design, he used an English slogan: “Life is beautiful. Life is amazing. Love your life.”

“I chose ‘amazing’ because it’s such a simple, effective word and the theme fits everywhere, from the office to the home,” he explained. “I wanted to make life fun.”

Sekine took a hands-on role in the workshops, trying out ideas with participants and even tracing some designs onto cups for them.

After the participants had finished illustrating their mugs, the cups were fired in the oven for 20 minutes and then allowed to cool. The final collection of mugs was a really vibrant and eclectic mix, reflecting the various participants’ different tastes and inspirations.

“When it’s something you made yourself with your own hands, it’s a whole other feeling,” Sekine said at the end. “You’ll be much more attached to your mug than one you just buy somewhere. I hope this workshop helped you develop a liking for illustration and ceramics.”

For the participants, it was a chance to experience the creative process of real designers while also doing something fun with their hands. The two designers also learned a lot from working for a time with non-professionals, and seeing how they think and create.

INFORMATION The original ONE KILN x Shogo Sekine coffee mugs, each illustrated by Sekine personally, are available exclusively from INTERSECT.

ONE KILN x Shogo Sekine Coffee Mug
6,500 yen
On sale from September 20th

Please ask a member of staff at INTERSECT BY LEXUS for further details.