Jul 24,2014. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS vol.10 – Clothes tell a story about a person’s individuality: “MY Style Navi”

6.18 Wed 19:00 START

Jessica Michibata, Eve Lourdes Haruka

The workshop, which featured model Jessica Michibata and ‘Fortune Advisor’ Haruka Eve Lourdes, tackled themes such as what makes a person’s style unique to them and how a style can give a person confidence. Ms. Michibata talked about her philosophy on beauty and fashion, while Ms. Eve Lourdes spoke from the perspectives of fashion and sanmeigaku, which relates a person’s personality to ten main elements in the natural world. Guests were able to discover things about themselves that they hadn't known before.

First, Jessica Michibata was asked a series of questions. On style that is comfortable to her, she said, “I generally choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off, but I also pay close attention to colors. I prefer cute colors like pink and I also find that the colors you wear influence your mood that day.” Next, she was asked how she brings out her individuality in the clothes she wears. “I watch trends very closely, but if I don’t feel something suits me or just isn’t me, then I won’t incorporate it,” she replied. “I feel it’s important to match trending items in a way that brings out your own individuality. I’ve learned that individuality is very important.” Also, “you don’t necessarily have to wear something or carry it with you, whether it is clothes, shoes or a bag. Sometimes it is enough just to own or look at it, or to be surrounded by items you have a special connection with.”

Ms. Eve Lourdes said, “I think how people’s attitude or emotional attachment can attract them to something is a wonderful thing. Another is the state of mind when you pick out something you like.” On the initiatives she uses every day, she suggested, “The same item can be perceived differently when looked at in different ways, and this can be both positive and negative. It's clear that you make an effort to see things in a positive light.” Also, “I like to run. Running in a park with a lot of greenery clears my head and relieves stress. Moving around also helps circulation.”

The conversation then shifted to how the two women first met. Ms. Eve Lourdes had always wanted to meet Ms. Michibata, but it was Ms. Michibata who made the initial contact via email. Surprisingly, the two women also happened to be in Hawaii at the time. “Attraction is a law of nature and something that should be used,” Ms. Eve Lourdes said. “By attracting things to us, we continue to change.”

The first part of the workshop ended here, and a short break followed. After resuming, Ms. Eve Lourdes asked people to pick their own personalities from ten possible patterns, based on the belief that people’s personalities can be expressed by ten main elements. She went around the room, talking to people and answering their questions. Asked how these elements can be applied to our everyday lives, she gave the example of organizing a night out and inviting only “diamond people.” Potentially, you could also invite “water people” or “flower people.” Carrying around an item related to your element can also bring out your individuality, she said.

She went on to show slides showing seasonal fashion items that are effective with particular elements. “Diamond people,” for example, can wear bright and shiny things to bring out their “diamond power.” Meanwhile, “wood people” should let themselves sway in the wind, and therefore mesh works well for them.

Jessica's clothes:
Dress 290,000yen / Blumarine
Shoes 159,000yen / Christian Louboutin
Contects/ Woollen Co. tel.03-5771-3515 Christian Louboutin Japan tel.03-6804-2855

Wrapping up, the MC encouraged people to consider what makes them individual, what they like and the kind of situation they feel most comfortable in, and also to think about the advice they had received that day further down the road. By understanding more about themselves, they would be sure to challenge themselves further. The positive attitude of the two speakers spread through the whole of the workshop.

A detailed report on the event is available at ELLE ONLINE.