Apr 24,2014. UPDATE

WWD JAPAN x LEXUS “WWD Fashionista Party”

Tamae Hirokawa(SOMARTA), Kunihiko Morinaga(ANREALAGE), Chika Tsuzuki(WWD Chief Editor) , Tokuo Fukuichi(LEXUS INTERNATIONAL’s)

On March 7, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO hosted the Fashionista Party, to coincide with WWD Magazine's Spring 2014 “100 Fashionista’s Top Tokyo Recommendations” special.

The event was attended by a host of WWD fashionistas and other people from the fashion industry.

On the day, internationally active fashion designer Tamae Hirokawa of SOMARTA, who worked on the “Creative Piece LEXUS x TOKYO FASHION” exhibit, which ran March 1-8, joined Kunihiko Morinaga of ANREALAGE, WWD Chief Editor Chika Tsuzuki and LEXUS INTERNATIONAL’s Tokuo Fukuichi for a talk session.

A detailed report on the event is available at WWD