Jan 10,2015. UPDATE

Street Fashion Photo Shoot by GINZA Magazine and Koharu Sugawara Dance

11.29 Sat 11:00 START

Women’s fashion magazine GINZA recently held a special photo shoot at INTERSECT BY LEXUS. Photographers and editors from the magazine headed to Aoyama to create a series of stylish street snaps inside INTERSECT’s unique spaces.

“Street snaps” are a common feature in Japanese fashion magazines, usually shot outside to show off the latest street trends. This time, GINZA did something very different and shot the portraits against INTERSECT’s interior, including the Café and Garage on the ground floor, and the second floor Lounge area.

The shoot was for GINZA’s February 2015 issue, which focuses on stylish street fashion snaps, and featured models the magazine had recruited through social media.

A closing party was held after the shoot. GINZA Editor-in-Chief Toshiko Nakajima thanked everyone for coming, before welcoming special guest Koharu Sugawara.

Sugawara, a Japanese-born hip-hop dancer who trained in LA, performed a short dance piece for the guests, accompanied by a video made for the GINZA November 2014 issue.

Though known for inventive choreography and dancing in unusual locations, Sugawara had never performed in a place like INTERSECT before. “Dancing somewhere like this was a first for me,” she said. “I’m so glad I could introduce my dance here to people from other walks of life.”

Toshiko Nakajima also complimented Sugawara on her choice of wardrobe—a chic blue coat, matched with casual footwear. “Even with this kind of coat I like to wear sneakers,” explained the dancer. Nakajima agreed with her tastes. “That’s actually a GINZA tip for our readers. A long coat goes well with sneakers.”

Following her collaboration with GINZA for its November issue, Sugawara wants to continue pursuing a crossover between dance and fashion. “It’s my dream to dance on a catwalk. I want to broaden the definitions of dance and fashion.”

You can see the portraits from the INTERSECT photo shoot on the GINZA website from around mid-January, and a selection will also appear in the February issue, on sale from January 10th.

Watch the video for the GINZA November 2014 issue with Koharu Sugawara: