Sep 29,2014. UPDATE

INTERSECT BY LEXUS 1st Anniversary Party

9.04 Thu 18:00 START

INTERSECT BY LEXUS is a venue which is characterized by modern luxury, high level hospitality and innovative design. The First Year Anniversary Party was a celebration of the LEXUS lifestyle and the elements which have contributed to the success of the venue since its launch in 2013.

Cutting-edge technology and design, characteristics of the LEXUS brand, featured throughout and various art exhibits and performances contributed to a multi-sensory experience. The partner designers who helped to produce INTERSECT BY LEXUS attended the event and the Executive Vice-President of LEXUS INTERNATIONAL, Takashi Yamamoto, gave a congratulatory speech.

Upon entering INTERSECT guests were given bracelets which changed color in time to the music. As they moved into the Garage area they were greeted by a visually stunning display of flowers hanging from the ceiling. Moving upstairs, guests walked past the iconic Car Parts Wall to the Bistro where they engaged with various art exhibits and enjoyed a slideshow of highlights from the past year.

The food served in the Bistro was presented in a unique and artistic way. In the 'natural farm' space guests could hand pick various organic vegetables and truffles from an art instillation resembling a vegetable plot. Rare and special foods including aged meats, rare sea-urchin, Bosho abalone and green silken tofu were also served.
In addition to champagne, guests were able to sample two new wines especially commissioned for INTERSECT BY LEXUS. The 2013 Chardonnay and 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon made their debut at the party and are now on sale at INTERSECT.

Throughout the evening there were several interesting performances and speeches. One of the most memorable was an act during which artisans turned Japanese confectionary into art - they made complicated designs out of sweets including one which resembled dew settling on a chrysanthemum.
A diverse range of music arranged by internationally renowned DJ’s accompanied the event and the music producer for INTERSECT BY LEXUS, TOWA TEI gave a dynamic improvised performance. DJ Hico and Yoshinori Sunahara also gave memorable performances and Salyu x Salyu accompanied by Yumiko Ono from the band Buffalo Daughter ended the evening with a live performance of the songs 'Tada No Tomodachi' and 'Hostile to Me'.
As guests left the party, they were given a 1st Anniversary MD Notebook and a Brooklyn Museum item from the new CRAFTED FOR LEXUS collection. They were also given a special commemorative book illustrated by the INTERSECT BY LEXUS artist Ryu Itadani. Overall, this was an event which celebrated the great success of INTERSECT BY LEXUS during its first year and set the tone for an exciting and inspiring future.