Aug 09,2014. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS vol.12 – A wardrobe that embellishes SNS usage

9.17 Wed 19:00 START

Rei Shito(STYLE from TOKYO photographer/blogger), Ayuko Hamanaka(Ray BEAMS)

The Editor in Chief of ELLE ONLINE, Aki Tominaga hosted a SNS workshop which considered how the individual's tastes and fashion choices influence their experiences of individual moments. Photographer and blogger, Rei Shito and Director of Ray Breams, Ayuko Hamanaka were the key speakers at this event.

This event was an evening of interesting activities and presentations from inspirational speakers who are influential in the fashion and blogging communities. Photographer and blogger Rei Shito, and Director of Ray Beams Ayuko Hamanaka lead the workship which was hosted by the Editor in Cheif of ELLE ONLINE, AkiTominaga.

To open the evening, the speakers gave short presentations about their work. In 2008, main speaker Rei Shito launched her company 'STYLE from TOKYO'. Today, she is famous for taking fashion photos and posting them on her blog. She is very interested in people who use their own fashion sense to create an individual style. For example, a person wearing clasical shoes with hot pants.

Ayuko Hamanaka is the Director of fashion at Ray Beams. During her presentation she explained the company's approach to selecting seasonal fashion themes and setting trends. She used the 2014 Autumn/Winter catalogue as an example. Then she widened the talk to focus on current world trends in fashion. Hamanaka explained that trends are developed in two ways: the first are born from high end fashion shows, the secon are born on the streets. Her main interest is in how street trends become popular.

For the main activity, guests cut fashion trend photos out of magazines and stuck them to a board of fashion trends. Following this they wrote their favorite fashion words on post-it notes which they stuck next to the pictures of their favorite items. The activity leaders gave advice on the styles selected and stuck on the board by the guests and chose their favorite trend boards which they shared with the rest of the group.

Finally, the guests were asked to take a photo of their favorite item out of the ones they brought to the event for example, their scarf, bag, watch etc. These photos were uploaded to instagram along with photographs of interesting design items at INTERSECT BY LEXUS.

To end the evening Hamanaka and Shito spoke about SNS as a form of self promotion. According to Hamanaka, SNS gives people an opportunity to learn about themselves, connect with other people across the world and find business opportunities through online networking. She advised the guests take photos of their favorite fashion items and post them online to build a group of online followers.

A detailed report on the event is available at ELLE ONLINE.