Apr 14,2014. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS Vol. 7: Harmony between personal articles and lifestyle

3.18 Tue 19:00 START

Fumiko Sakuhara(interior stylist), Yataro Matsuura(Editor-in-Chief of Kurashi-no-techo)

In this workshop, interior stylist Fumiko Sakuhara, who had a hand in areas of INTERSECT BY LEXUS including the bookshelves in the 2F restaurant space, and Yataro Matsuura, chief editor of Kurashi-no-Techo Co. Ltd, discussed the important role that personal articles have on our lifestyles, while introducing the stories behind particular items. Hosting the event was Norio Osumi, executive director of OPENERS web magazine.

The discussion opened with a question about the secret to picking out personal articles. “I believe that there both is and isn’t a secret,” Mr. Matsuura responded. “I think it is important to be curious about a wide range of things and to have a child’s inquisitive nature, finding pleasure in searching for and discovering something you feel an affinity with.” Ms. Sakuhara suggested that picking out something yourself connects you with the maker of that item. It both expresses something about yourself and is a sign of appreciation towards others.

Mr. Matsuura compared the process to encounters with people. “At first you may feel you won’t get along with them, but you may discover points of interest that make you continue the relationship,” he said. “In the case of a cup, giving it a personality may affect the way you use it.” Also, “it is important not to always search for answers. When shopping for a chair, instead of thinking of what to choose, you should consider why you want a chair in the first place, which relates to the kind of lifestyle you want.” Ms. Sakuhara said, “Interior design is not about gathering everything all at once but rather about savoring each encounter with an item you feel strongly about and bringing these together one at a time. Enjoying this step-by-step process as you approach completion is the great thing about interior design.”

Next, the two speakers introduced items they had recently purchased. Ms. Sakuhara had brought with her a woodbass crafted by Kagoshima-based wood craftsman Shoji Morinaga. She explained that this features in the interior design of INTERSECT BY LEXUS and makes a great addition to any interior as a decoration, with a design that conveys the personality of the craftsman. Mr. Osumi had brought a Bic ballpoint pen with him. Mr. Matsuura noted that 15 years earlier he had searched all over Paris for this particular type of pen, which he says works really when pressed lightly to paper. Mr. Matsuura himself introduced a pair of Christofle salt and pepper shakers, saying that he had once seen these being used at the Park Hyatt and had afterwards looked all over for the same ones. He discovered that they were the hotel’s own product, were not for commercial use, and could only be purchased in sets of six pairs. He laughed that he had only found four friends who were willing to buy them with him, so he now has two identical sets at home.

Ms. Sakuhara’s interior styling was introduced next. Mr. Matsuura said that he really liked Ms. Sakuhara’s work. “At first glance, it is neither cute or cool,” he said. “Instead, its appeal lies in the fact that it enables you to imagine the kind of lifestyle that would be linked to such a space. I’m not sure if this is what Ms. Sakuhara intended, but it lets me discover and learn new things.”

In the second half of the workshop, Mr. Matsuura showed photographs of his home for the first time, focusing on his private room, which included a replica of the desk Henry David Thoreau used his entire life, a small rug and a divan. He introduced a variety of articles, each with its own story, including a Lucie Rie vase and bowls, as well as a picture on the wall of his bedroom, adding that he liked to collect cracked and damaged articles and fix them up. Ms. Sakuhara said that she liked the fact they were not too carefully arranged but rather placed naturally around the rooms, and that each room and item seemed like a reason to return home.

Mr. Matsuura had actually provided 47 of the books on display at INTERSECT BY LEXUS from his own personal collection, which Ms. Sakuhara had arranged. Finally, visitors to the event were given the opportunity to express passion for their own treasured personal articles, running beyond the time constraints of the event.

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