June 13, 2023 - September 30, 2023

Candy Plush Strawberry and Milk Shaved Ice; a New Take on a Summer Classic

INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO’s original summer shaved ice returns starting June 13.

Last year’s popular Cotton Ice treat, which inventively fused cotton candy with shaved ice, has been reimagined in an entirely new flavor. The Candy Plush comes served in a double-layered, vacuum-insulated titanium dish that keeps the shaved ice chilled. Slip your spoon in and discover a serving of ice cream made from cacao pulp juice, topped by smooth natural ice from Karuizawa and fluffy milk-flavored cotton candy.

The cotton candy is roasted at your table, releasing a pleasantly sweet milky aroma. The cotton candy melts, coating the chilled strawberries in the ice and conjuring up a crunchy candy texture.

Grown in Japan and carefully selected according to the season, the strawberries are diced and powdered into a sauce that really augments the flavor of the shaved ice.

The ice cream is addictively good, its secret ingredient of cacao vinegar brings out the tropical taste of the cacao pulp. Pairing superbly with the strawberries, it’s a delight to eat as it is, but also melts into the strawberry and milk sauce, adding a novel and refreshingly sharp accent to the shaved ice.

After sampling the simple yet satisfying harmony of strawberries and milk, try pouring some of the accompanying cacao vinegar over the dish. The body and acidity of the vinegar really offsets and enhances the flavor of the shaved ice.

Strawberry and milk is a classic choice when it comes to kakigori-style Japanese shaved ice. This summer at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO, experience a bold new take on an old favorite.

■ Original Shaved Ice Candy Plush 1,300 yen (incl. tax)

Milk Cotton Candy

Milk Cotton Candy

The milk flavor perfectly complements the ice. The cotton candy is roasted at your table, filling the air with a sweet milky fragrance.

Strawberry and Milk Sauce

Strawberry and Milk Sauce

Japanese strawberries of different varieties selected according to the time of year are diced and powdered into a sauce that goes really well with the natural ice and leaves a satisfied taste in the mouth. The melted cotton candy rapidly cools the natural ice, coating it and resulting in a candy-like consistency.

Cacao Pulp Ice Cream

Cacao Pulp Ice Cream

Fresh cream and condensed milk have been mixed with juice squeezed from cacao pulp to make a very special ice cream. The blend of solid and juiced ingredients also works well with the sauce when the ice cream melts, while the cacao vinegar hidden within the tropical flavors adds a further subtle accent.

Cacao Vinegar Cacao Vinegar

Cacao Vinegar

Made from cacao fruit and malic acid, this vinegar lets you transform the flavor of your shaved ice. Sharpen the taste with an ideal balance of sweet and sour.



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