Visit different Japanese roasteries from one coffee stand

The Café is the only place in the world where you can try INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO’s original coffee, brewed with a focus on organically produced beans, region and unique roast combination. The Café’s menu includes coffee, espresso, latte, mocha, and milk brew, created in collaboration with renowned roasteries from across Japan. Every few months features a new partner, allowing you to “visit” different roasteries each time. Enjoy your choice of coffee made just the way you like it, and explore the wide range of specialty blends on offer.


1F CAFÉ SHOP & GARAGE 9:00-23:00

BREAKFAST 9:00-11:00

2F BISTRO LOUNGE 11:00-23:00

LUNCH 11:00-17:00 ( L.O 16:30 )

DINNER 17:30-23:00 ( FOOD L.O 22:00 / DRINK L.O 22:30 )

(Irregular closure days)



A lineup of original coffee made with directly imported beans as well as espresso, decaf, special sodas, spicy chai, and more.


Freshly baked pastries are served every morning.

Subject to change due to seasonal availability.