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September 26,2019. UPDATE

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2019 Original Leather Badge Event by Roberu’s Shinji Iwamoto

9.14 Sat 14:00 START

On September 14th, 2019, the world’s largest shopping event, Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, was held in Tokyo. Ahead of Kobe, Nagoya, and Osaka, the Tokyo edition of the annual event took place in the Omotesando-Harajuku-Aoyama area that is a major center for trends in the city. To coincide with the event, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO in Minami-Aoyama hosted a special “shop” by Shinji Iwamoto of the leather brand Roberu. Crowds flocked to the venue to get their hands on the unique items Iwamoto made.

August 26,2019. UPDATE

NEXT VISION, a New Talk Salon by NewsPicks and LEXUS: Future Visions by Kengo Kuma and Kenji Kohashi

7.30 Tue 17:00 START

The talk salon event NEXT VISION, a new joint endeavor by the economic news social media platform NewsPicks and LEXUS, was recently recorded at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO. Based on the CRAFTED spirit of always thinking and making things through a human-centered approach, the talk searched for the future of Japanese craftsmanship with special invited guests.

June 13,2019. UPDATE

Opening Party for Asia’s Largest Short Film Festival, SSFF & ASIA
With Special Guest Tetsuya Bessho May 29, 17:00 Start

5.29 Wed 17:00 START

On May 29th, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO hosted the opening party for Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA). After a glitzy opening ceremony at Shibuya Hikarie, VIP guests and industry figures gathered at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO for this special celebration marking the start of Asia’s largest short film festival.

March 7,2019. UPDATE

"BEYOND BY LEXUS" Talk (Japanese only)

1.24 Thu 19:00 START

Japanese only

March 1,2019. UPDATE

Departing on a Journey on the Tongue: Ayako Suwa’s Interactive Exploration of the Senses Reception Party Report

2.26 Tue 19:00 START

On February 26th, 2019, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO in Minami-Aoyama hosted a dazzling reception party to celebrate the opening of the exhibition “Journey on the Tongue,” which runs until March 15th. Resembling a trip taken through a world of tastes, “Journey on the Tongue” is the latest creation by food artist Ayako Suwa that offers a unique experience aspiring to restore complexity to the ways we sense food and go beyond relying only on what we can see.

January 15,2019. UPDATE

"BEYOND BY LEXUS" Photo gallery (Japanese only)

1.24 Thu 19:00 START

Japanese only.

December 21,2018. UPDATE

“Modified Paradise” Talk with ANOTHER FARM (Hiromi Ozaki + Masaya Kushino) and Masataka Hosoo

12.13 Thu 19:00 START

On December 13th, 2018, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO hosted a special talk to mark the opening of a new installation, “Modified Paradise,” at the Minami-Aoyama venue. The creative team behind the installation, ANOTHER FARM, a new art group formed by Hiromi Ozaki (Sputniko!) and Masaya Kushino, were joined by Masataka Hosoo, the twelfth-generation head of the textile crafts company HOSOO, which supplied the traditional Nishijin-ori fabric used in the “glowing silk” exhibits. The talk kicked off with a welcoming address by Lexus International’s Yoshimitsu Miyanaga: “LEXUS feels a unique resonance with both the approaches of the creative talent behind this exhibition as well as the theme. We are delighted to support the debut installation by ANOTHER FARM.”

October 2,2018. UPDATE

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2018 Tokyo
CRAFTED FOR LEXUS Nijiyura Multi Cloth Fragrant Cloth Fan Workshop Report

9.15 Sat 12:00 START

On September 15th, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO hosted a special “fragrant cloth fan” workshop. Using fabric designs by the brand Nijiyura, which also contributes a popular item to the CRAFTED FOR LEXUS lifestyle collection, 100 guests enjoyed making their own truly unique fans.

February 9,2018. UPDATE

LEXUS and BEAMS JAPAN Present: Life with New Takumi Talk

2.1 Thu 19:00 START

On February 1st, 2018, INTERSECT BY LEXUS - TOKYO hosted a talk to accompany the "LEXUS and BEAMS JAPAN Present: Life with New Takumi" exhibition.

December 25,2017. UPDATE

“Taste of Inspiration for LEXUS” Reception Party by Ayako Suwa’s food creation

12.19 Tue 19:00 START

A reception party for “Taste of Inspiration for LEXUS” was held at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO on December 19th, celebrating the start of the exhibition that runs until December 28th.

December 22,2017. UPDATE

Officially Certified British Cyborg Artist Neil Harbisson’s First Performance in Japan Two-Day Creative Collaboration Event Exploring Art, Technology, and the Senses

12.13 Wed 19:00 START

On December 13th and December 14th, 2017, LEXUS partnered with digital magazine HEAPS to host Creators Experience – INTERSECT BY LEXUS & MEET HEAPS. The special guest was sonochromatic artist Neil Harbisson, a unique creative force who is officially recognized by the British government as a cyborg. The event brought together a range of collaborators to explore the theme of designing innovative visions of people and society in the future.

September 22,2017. UPDATE

Event Report: CRAFTED FOR LEXUS + Shinji Iwamoto (Roberu) Workshop

9.9 Sat 17:30 START

On September 9th, 2017, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO hosted a special CRAFTED FOR LEXUS workshop. Held to coincide with the world’s largest shopping event, Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2017, over the neighborhoods of Omotesando, Aoyama and Harajuku, designer Shinji Iwamoto of the handmade leather brand Roberu led a workshop attended by over 100 people.

April 20,2017. UPDATE

LEXUS Listening Drive | Ryuichi Sakamoto: LEXUS and Ryuichi Sakamoto Collaboration Events

4.1 Sat 19:00 START

To commemorate the release of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s first solo album in eight years, LEXUS has teamed up with the acclaimed composer for a three-part project, Listening Drive | Ryuichi Sakamoto. It kicked off with an intimate talk at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO, featuring Sakamoto and GQ Japan editor-in-chief Masafumi Suzu-ki. On two weekends in April, LEXUS Listening Drive also offered participants the unique chance to experience Sakamoto’s new album, async, while driving around Tokyo in a LEXUS vehicle. Finally, a special exhibition at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TO-KYO allowed visitors to experience the album both visually and aurally through a car display along with exclusive video footage.

March 9,2017. UPDATE

Low-carb Food: Beauty and Health

2.9 Thu 19:00 START

A low-carb diet means decreasing the amount of carbohydrates you consume. INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO hosted “Low-carb Food: Beauty and Health,” aiming to share reliable and practical information about healthy low-carb food. Attended by 50 people chosen by lottery, the event started with a seminar by Satoru Yamada, a medical doctor and low-carb specialist, followed by a talk with world-famous chocolatier and pastry chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi and Miss Universe 2007 winner and dancer Riyo Mori. Guests were also able to sample low-carb food and desserts prepared especially for the event.

November 8,2016. UPDATE

Event Report: CRAFTED FOR LEXUS x Creators Workshop 4
Roberu x Tetsuya Chihara

9.10 Sat 17:30 START

CRAFTED FOR LEXUS x Creators Workshop is a series of events pairing emerging creative talents with young designers from CRAFTED FOR LEXUS, the lifestyle collection presented by LEXUS. The fourth workshop was held in September at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO with Shinji Iwamoto, founder of leather crafts brand Roberu, and art director Tetsuya Chihara.

The event featured a special sale of exclusively produced collaboration items as well as live painting by Chihara.

August 19,2016. UPDATE

Neighboring House 2016 INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO 3rd Anniversary Party

7.25 Mon 19:00 START

INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO celebrated its third anniversary with a party on July 25th featuring special invited guests from the creative industries and media.

July 25,2016. UPDATE

CRAFTED FOR LEXUS x Creators Workshop 3
SyuRo x Hana4

6.19 Sun 19:30 START

CRAFTED FOR LEXUS x Creators Workshop is a series of events pairing emerging creative talents with young designers from CRAFTED FOR LEXUS, the lifestyle collection presented by LEXUS. The third workshop was held on June 19th, featuring Masuko Unayama, curator for design studio SyuRo who produced the tableware at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO, and internationally acclaimed nail artist Hana4.

July 19,2016. UPDATE

Lexus Short Films Talk

6.10 Fri 19:30 START

This special talk welcomed actor Tetsuya Bessho, president of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, and fashion model Maggy to INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO for an exciting discussion and screening of short films.

The timing of the talk was perfect since SSFF & Asia, the largest short film festival in Asia, was currently running at six venues in Tokyo and Yokohama.

March 7,2016. UPDATE

Hokuoh Kurashi no Douguten Talk “My Work-Life Balance”

2.7 Sun 16:00 START

INTERSECT BY LEXUS recently hosted a special talk with the popular online shop Hokuoh Kurashi no Douguten about work-life balance.

The intimate venue was packed with an audience of around 30, selected by lottery from the over 600 who applied. They were welcomed by Kohei Aoki, president of the company that runs Hokuoh Kurashi no Douguten. “Normally we only interact with our customers online so I’m both happy and nervous to see you in person today.”

December 28,2015. UPDATE

White Christmas 2015

12.21 Mon 19:30 START

As a special pre-Christmas celebration, INTERSECT BY LEXUS hosted the White Christmas 2015 event on December 21st, featuring INTERSECT sound director TOWA TEI and musician Kavka Shishido..

December 17,2015. UPDATE

CRAFTED FOR LEXUS x Creators Workshop 2: yuica x Yuka Mizuhara

12.5 Sat 15:00 START

CRAFTED FOR LEXUS x Creators is a series of exciting workshops partnering young Japanese crafts designers from the CRAFTED FOR LEXUS lifestyle collection with other talents from the world of art and fashion.

For the second workshop, aroma blender Norie Mitsuka from essential oils brand yuica joined fashion model Yuka Mizuhara at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO on December 5th.

September 29,2015. UPDATE

Special Talk with Jessica Michibata

9.12 Sat 18:30 START

Coinciding with VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT 2015, the fashion event held in the Omotesando, Aoyama, and Harajuku area, organic beauty brand SHIGETA partnered with INTERSECT BY LEXUS for a talk featuring special guest Jessica Michibata.

September 18,2015. UPDATE

Event Report: CRAFTED FOR LEXUS x Creators Workshop 1 ONE KILN x Shogo Sekine

9.5 Sat 16:00 START

CRAFTED FOR LEXUS x Creators is a new series of workshops partnering young Japanese crafts designers from the LEXUS CRAFTED FOR LEXUS lifestyle collection with up-and-coming artistic talents.

August 12,2015. UPDATE


7.22 Wed 19:00 START

To celebrate the launch of INTERSECT BY LEXUS RECORDS, the new record label by LEXUS supervised by INTERSECT sound producer TOWA TEI, a party was held at INTERSECT with TEI and many other guests from the world of music and beyond.

TEI invited a wide range of creative people from his personal network to the latest gathering in the series of hINT events at INTERSECT.

July 7,2015. UPDATE

Leading design entrepreneurs share future visions at INTERSECT BY LEXUS

6.24 Wed 19:00 START

“Design Entrepreneur Showcase” featured pioneering design prototypes at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO until July 7th, sponsored by Forbes Japan. As part of the exhibition, two of the participating designers visited INTERSECT on June 24th to share their ideas about the future of design innovation and business.

June 22,2015. UPDATE

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2015: After-Party and Talks

6.4 Thu 19:00 START

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2015 (SSFF & Asia), the biggest short film event in Asia, took place in Tokyo from June 4th—14th, featuring a packed program of screenings, talks, and seminars. This year, director Reza Fahimi’s “Cloudy Children” was awarded the Grand Prix, selected from 4,967 entries from 108 countries.

May 1,2015. UPDATE

LEXUS x Black List “Exciting Moment”: An Exclusive Motor Sport-Themed Cocktail Reception Party

3.20 Fri 19:00 START

On March 20th, Lexus hosted a cocktail party at INTERSECT BY LEXUS in partnership with Black List, Tokyo’s premier private event hosting company. Black List parties are exclusive to its 8,000 members and their closest friends, connecting Tokyo’s top executives, celebrities, and high-end press members. Over four consecutive years, Black List has been highlighted in the Louis Vuitton City Guide as hosting Tokyo’s most select parties.

April 15,2015. UPDATE

Happy Mode Collection: Fashion magazine editors share highlights from Paris and Milan spring-summer collections

3.25 Wed 19:00 START

What are the latest trends in European fashion? What are the new styles to watch out for this season?

These were some of the questions being discussed by two editors from Japanese fashion magazine SPUR when they came to INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO to give a workshop on March 25th.

April 7,2015. UPDATE

Neighboring House: Celebrity guests join LEXUS professionals at INTERSECT for an interactive design and music party

3.19 Thu 19:00 START

“Neighboring House” saw INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO open its doors on the evening of March 19th to more than 160 special guests, including top sports athletes, musicians, actors, and other celebrities.

April 1,2015. UPDATE

Takashi Homma + Rinko Kawauchi Talk: “Instagram and Photography Today”

2.12 Thu 19:00 START

INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO hosted a talk on February 12th to celebrate the release of a special photography-themed issue of BRUTUS magazine.

The guest speakers were photographers Takashi Homma and Rinko Kawauchi, who were asked to talk about Instagram as a photography tool.

Homma and Kawauchi are highly acclaimed for their photography, both in Japan and overseas, but they work fundamentally with film. Neither of them is a regular Instagram user, so instead the “professionals” relied on the “amateurs”—that is, the audience, who had all taken pictures of cars in advance and uploaded them to the photo-sharing service.

March 10,2015. UPDATE

Top Tokyo Baristas Take Part in Coffee-Tasting Workshop at INTERSECT

2.18 Wed 19:30 START

Design and lifestyle magazine Casa BRUTUS features a special issue on cafes this March. As part of this, the editors organized a coffee-tasting workshop at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO with some of the leading baristas from the Tokyo coffee scene.

The five participating baristas were Kenji Kojima (Fuglen Tokyo), Daisuke Matsushima and Takehiro Kato (PADDLERS COFFEE), Atsushi Sakao (ONIBUS COFFEE), and Takamasa Miki (OMOTESANDO KOFFEE).

January 10,2015. UPDATE

Street Fashion Photo Shoot by GINZA Magazine and Koharu Sugawara Dance

11.29 Sat 11:00 START

Women’s fashion magazine GINZA recently held a special photo shoot at INTERSECT BY LEXUS. Photographers and editors from the magazine headed to Aoyama to create a series of stylish street snaps inside INTERSECT’s unique spaces.

“Street snaps” are a common feature in Japanese fashion magazines, usually shot outside to show off the latest street trends. This time, GINZA did something very different and shot the portraits against INTERSECT’s interior, including the Café and Garage on the ground floor, and the second floor Lounge area.

December 25,2014. UPDATE

hINT, a unique music party by Towa Tei and Shinichi Osawa

12.6 Sat 19:00 START

hINT is a new project by INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO sound producer Towa Tei, and musician and DJ Shinichi Osawa, creating a series of music events that bring interesting people together to share and interact.

December 24,2014. UPDATE

World Marketing Summit Japan 2014 Welcome Party

9.23 Tue 19:00 START

Marketing leaders from around the world gathered at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa in Tokyo for the two-day World Marketing Summit Japan. To kick off the summit, a special party was held on September 23rd at INTERSCT BY LEXUS – TOKYO, welcoming some 20 figures from the international marketing industry, including Philip Kotler, along with around 30 business peers from Japan.

October 19,2014. UPDATE


11.7 Fri 19:00 START

LEXUS produces the Lexus Short Films series to help foster the next generation of cinematic talent. Showcasing the quality of the work in the program, INTERSECT BY LEXUS is currently hosting the Short Film Theater until December 1st, with screenings of two new Lexus Short Films and more, in partnership with video streaming app UULA and Nestlé Japan. To celebrate the opening, a special talk was held on November 7th with actor and President of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Tetsuya Bessho, singer and actor K, and actress and model Alice Hirose.

October 7,2014. UPDATE

Supervision, a solo concert by Keiichiro Shibuya

10.7 Tue 19:30 START

INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO was privileged to host “Supervision,” a special invite-only solo concert by Keiichiro Shibuya on October 7th. A grand piano and other musical equipment were installed in the ground floor space Garage to transform it for the one-night music event. Shibuya performed nine tracks, including new work he had created especially for the concert.

September 29,2014. UPDATE

INTERSECT BY LEXUS 1st Anniversary Party

9.4 Thu 18:00 START

INTERSECT BY LEXUS is a venue which is characterized by modern luxury, high level hospitality and innovative design. The First Year Anniversary Party was a celebration of the LEXUS lifestyle and the elements which have contributed to the success of the venue since its launch in 2013.

August 19,2014. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS vol.11 – How we hacked into Coffee

7.22 Tue 19:00 START

This WORKSHOP BY LEXUS looked at the success story of the coffee-machine developed by Jeremy Kuempel of Blossom Coffee, who was joined at the event by Taishi Fukuyama, the founder of consulting firm PRTL. In the second half, Kenji Kojima of FUGLEN, the coffee partner of INTERSECT BY LEXUS, joined guests in tasting the end product. WIRED Magazine Editor-in-Chief Kei Wakabayashi presided over the event.

August 9,2014. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS vol.12 – A wardrobe that embellishes SNS usage

9.17 Wed 19:00 START

The Editor in Chief of ELLE ONLINE, Aki Tominaga hosted a SNS workshop which considered how the individual's tastes and fashion choices influence their experiences of individual moments. Photographer and blogger, Rei Shito and Director of Ray Breams, Ayuko Hamanaka were the key speakers at this event.

July 24,2014. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS vol.10 – Clothes tell a story about a person’s individuality: “MY Style Navi”

6.18 Wed 19:00 START

The workshop, which featured model Jessica Michibata and ‘Fortune Advisor’ Haruka Eve Lourdes, tackled themes such as what makes a person’s style unique to them and how a style can give a person confidence. Ms. Michibata talked about her philosophy on beauty and fashion, while Ms. Eve Lourdes spoke from the perspectives of fashion and sanmeigaku, which relates a person’s personality to ten main elements in the natural world. Guests were able to discover things about themselves that they hadn't known before.

July 17,2014. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS vol.9: MUSIC with LEGO®! Sound, motion and programming

6.5 Thu 19:15 START

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS vol.9 welcomed artist Daito Manabe and LEGO® Education Sales & Marketing Manager Keisuke Eguchi. 30 guests were invited to participate out of a total 500 applicants. They tried their hand at creating instruments using LEGO® MINDSTORM® in the allocated time and then actually performed with their creations. WIRED Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Kei Wakabayashi hosted the event.

May 7,2014. UPDATE

REPORT 3Talk Session with JTQ President Junji Tanigawa, RHIZOMATIKS President Seiichi Saito and Executive Vice President of LEXUS INTERNATIONAL Tokuo Fukuichi

From Feb. 7 to Mar. 30, the main venue of MEDIA AMBITION TOKYO 2014 on the 52F “Tokyo City View” observation deck of Roppongi Hills hosted creative group RHIZOMATIKS and INTERSECT BY LEXUS’ installation “Physical Presence,” incorporating the LEXUS LFA Nürburgring Package as central motif.

May 7,2014. UPDATE

REPORT 2Talk session between light artist Hiroyuki Moriwaki and sculptor and Professor at Tsukuba University Morio Shinoda

MEDIA AMBITION TOKYO 2014 took place from Feb. 7 to Mar. 30, at its primary venue of Roppongi Hills. INTERSECT BY LEXUS, which served as a satellite venue, hosted the “atto car” and “ripple of light” installations of light artist Hiroyuki Moriwaki.

May 7,2014. UPDATE

REPORT 1Talk session between Kosei Komatsu x ISSEY MIYAKE designer Yoshiaki Miyamae

MEDIA AMBITION TOKYO 2014, was held between Feb. 7th and Mar. 30th , at its primary location of Roppongi Hills. INTERSECT BY LEXUS stood in as the secondary Aoyama venue for the event and housed installations by 2 artists. Kosei Komatsu’s “Lifelog Glider” and “Secret Garden”, which used devices that control natural phenomenon, to create poetic environments remained on display until February 20th.

April 24,2014. UPDATE

WWD JAPAN x LEXUS “WWD Fashionista Party”

On March 7, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO hosted the Fashionista Party, to coincide with WWD Magazine's Spring 2014 “100 Fashionista’s Top Tokyo Recommendations” special.

April 14,2014. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS Vol. 7: Harmony between personal articles and lifestyle

3.18 Tue 19:00 START

In this workshop, interior stylist Fumiko Sakuhara, who had a hand in areas of INTERSECT BY LEXUS including the bookshelves in the 2F restaurant space, and Yataro Matsuura, chief editor of Kurashi-no-Techo Co. Ltd, discussed the important role that personal articles have on our lifestyles, while introducing the stories behind particular items. Hosting the event was Norio Osumi, executive director of OPENERS web magazine.

March 31,2014. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS Vol. 6: The evolution of cuisine and lifestyle

2.19 Wed 19:00 START

Makoto Asamoto, who devised the food menu for the INTERSECT BY LEXUS cafe corner, came together with Masanobu Sugatsuke, an experienced editor-in-chief in the worlds of publishing, web, advertising and exhibitions, to discuss international trends in cuisine and their connection with lifestyle as well as what we choose to eat on a daily basis. Hosting the event was editor-in-chief Tetsuya Suzuki.

March 31,2014. UPDATE

SPUR 25th ANNIVERSARY Mieko Kawakami "LOVE MODE Talk Show"

2.22 Sat 15:30 START

In collaboration with Japanese trend magazine Spur, which is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, the 1st floor Garage space of INTERSECT BY LEXUS exhibited a Spur-produced/styled LEXUS LFA and served a special collaboration menu of tartines and smoothies at a limited-time "Love Spur Cafe." To commemorate its opening, a special talk event was held featuring author Mieko Kawakami with Spur editor-in-chief Yumiko Fukui. The session was hosted by announcer Yuko Yasuda.

March 22,2014. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS vol.8: A new take on “Rakugo” and music

4.22 Tue 19:00 START

Rakugo performer Shunputei Ichinosuke and DJ TOWA TEI, who produced the music for INTERSECT BY LEXUS, have each achieved widespread recognition in their respective creative fields. Now, the two men are trying their hand at a new form of live performance that brings together Rakugo and music. At the workshop, the two men explored the common elements between Rakugo and music, after touching on this in an earlier conversation that was featured in SWITCH magazine. Writer Akiko Saito moderated the event.

March 1,2014. UPDATE

INTRODUCTIONMEDIA AMBITION TOKYO 2014: An exhibition of Tokyo and the world, past and future, technology and art

MEDIA AMBITION TOKYO 2014, was held from Feb. 7th to Mar. 30th 2014, at its primary location of Roppongi Hills, for the 2nd time since its debut last year. The event was held at both the “Tokyo City View” observation deck on the 52 floor of Roppongi Hills, and at INTERSECT BY LEXUS in Aoyama. 18 works by 16 artists were exhibited here; a celebration of leading Japanese art, video, music and performance; a showcase of technology art that brought the city to life.

February 17,2014. UPDATE


1.30 Thu 19:00 START

LEXUS ambassador and Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori and former professional tennis player Ai Sugiyama featured as guest speakers at this talk session. Hosting the event was fashion journalist and art producer Yoshiko Ikoma, who asked the two speakers about their secrets of success as icons of beauty and health on the world stage.

February 7,2014. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS Vol. 5: Adding creativity to lifestyle

1.24 Fri 19:00 START

When selecting items to enrich our lifestyles from the vast array of choice that surrounds us, how do we come to a decision in terms of aesthetics and values? At this workshop, Masuko Unayama (SyuRo), designer and director of the tableware used at the INTERSECT BY LEXUS café and restaurant, explores the process of selecting such items with buyer Takayuki Minami (, creative director of the popular select shop ‘1LDK.’

January 20,2014. UPDATE


12.20 Fri 19:00 START

Over 300 guests and celebrities turned out to an exclusive party to celebrate the first Christmas of INTERSECT BY LEXUS. The night was a symphony of music and cuisine, with elegant lounge music provided by TOWA TEI, who handles sound production for the venue ordinarily, and an array of dishes by the man in charge of food production, Daichi Tajima.

December 27,2013. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS Vol. 4: Creating Music for a Space

12.13 Fri 19:00 START

This workshop took a look at the multi-faceted relationship between music and space. The theme was approached by TOWA TEI, in charge of sound direction for INTERSECT BY LEXUS, and Yukihiro Takahashi, who made his mark on the domestic and international music scene with YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA, which he founded in 1978, before going on to perform in other bands and as a solo artist.

December 11,2013. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS Vol. 3: Amazing experiences through food

11.26 Tue 19:00 START

Two key figures of Tokyo’s culinary scene – Masamichi Toyama, the chairman of Smiles, the company behind SOUP STOCK TOKYO, and Daichi Tajima, the food menu director for INTERSECT BY LEXUS, came together for the workshop, which was conducted under the theme of amazing experiences through food.

November 15,2013. UPDATE

INTERSECT BY LEXUS x MIT Media Lab, Music Performance by “Mirror Fugue”

11.3 Sun 19:00 START

On Nov. 3, the first floor garage space of INTERSECT BY LEXUS hosted a music concert led by Mirror Fugue, an interface design project that adds a visual dimension to piano recitals. The event, under a theme of Art and Technology, was held in collaboration with MIT Media Lab, the leading global research institute.

November 14,2013. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS Vol.2: The urban way to enjoy coffee (Oct. 31, 2013)

10.31 Thu 19:00 START

The workshop was held in the middle of the season when art and culture flourish. Kenji Kojima of FUGLEN TOKYO, who supervised the production of the café menu at INTERSECT BY LEXUS, joined Chiaki Kasahara, the producer of Takashi Murakami’s art management company, Kaikai Kiki, to rediscover the city café as a place where the worlds of art and coffee meet. Tasting sessions were held where guests could experience the difference in taste between coffee beans used at INTERSECT BY LEXUS, and coffee beans sold commercially, but prepared identically. They were also able to taste 3 different kinds of coffee, to learn more about their own preferences. In this way, as well as increasing their knowledge about coffee, they were also able to experience the different facets of the drink first hand.

October 8,2013. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS Vol. 1: Be Creative with Space (Sept. 18, 2013)

9.18 Wed 19:00 START

The workshop held on Sept. 18 featured Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall Inc, the man behind the space design for INTERSECT BY LEXUS, and another Tokyo creator with an affinity for space design, NIGO®. The first event of its kind since the launch of INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO was made possible and hosted by web magazine “” and consisted of an engaging talk session on the theme “Be Creative with Space.”’s Editor-in-chief Tetsuya Suzuki hosted the event.

August 30,2013. UPDATE

August 2013. INTERSECT BY LEXUS - TOKYO Opening Event

8.30 Fri 19:00 START

Ahead of its official launch, INTERSECT BY LEXUS - TOKYO welcomed a large number of guests to an opening party.
Guests were greeted by Akio Toyoda of LEXUS INTERNATIONAL. The whole event had the feel of a home party and also highlighted the various facets of INTERSECT BY LEXUS, including interior design by Masamichi Katayama (Wonderwall Inc.), music from TOWA TEI, food from Daichi Tajima, and coffee provided by FUGLEN. The vibe created by the many guests also contributed to the warm, at-home atmosphere.You can get a feel for the event in this video.