An exclusive music scene that responds to time and space

The music selection for INTERSECT BY LEXUS will be compiled under the supervision of TOWA TEI. Once a month, guests can also enjoy an original mix selected especially for this unique space. It will be interesting to see what kind of sounds the sensitivity of this renowned musician from Tokyo will conjure up for this space.

  • TOWA TEI has excited fans around the world with his unique blend of music. After a career that spans over twenty years, it is his ability to customize his music for the occasion that will stand out at INTERSECT. Ever since his debut in the United States in 1990, TEI has continued to be an active leader on the world stage, and the music that he brings to this space will no doubt be a reflection of his vast experience.

    “I am very happy to be able to supervise music production for such a unique space,” says TEI. Music has always been something custom-made, like a family portrait, specifically created to commemorate the wedding of a son or daughter or the birth of a grandchild.” For this event, and to reflect the many aspects of INTERSECT, TEI has carefully selected from a vast catalog of tracks that he has accumulated over many years. “It’s my job to sort through sometimes hundreds of tracks to find just the right one. Finding the track I like or that I feel fits what I’m looking for, matching it to the space and sharing it with others is why I became a DJ in the first place.”

  • A sense of luxury

    “First of all, I want to create a space where people can appreciate the music; to put it simply, a comfortable space,” says TEI. “I wanted to give birth to a space that is comfortable intuitively, not just in a thoeretical way.” Reflecting on how he came up with his concept, TEI explains: “The music is orientated towards evoking a sense of luxury. That’s essentially the impression people will take home, which I feel is perfect for this space.” The three-hour MIX is infused with interesting undertones, but balanced to create contrast.

    “For me, the ‘L’ in LEXUS stands for luxury,” says TEI. This luxury, however, does not refer to high prices but rather to the connotations of flexibility and freedom, or sophisticated luxury. “The Aoyama district where INTERSECT is located is a dignified and fashionable area. To blend in with this refined and sophisticated ambiance, I wanted to create a sound that represents what I think of as luxurious.”

    The sound of INTERSECT, expanding from a crossroads of talent

    The music selected is perfectly aligned with the INTERSECT concept of a place where people and culture mingle. Talking about the appeal of the venue, TEI explains: “The space evolved as a result of the efforts of a host of talented people, including the design of the physical space itself by Masamichi Katayama. The result is an exquisite mix of different elements.”

    Based on this interpretation, the music used to compliment the space will also be infused with a variety of different talents. “INTERSECT means to cross over, like a hub.

    I believe it is a place where the LEXUS brand will work to convey new value. In fact, I see myself as a kind of hub. Through commonalities found in luxury and where people find enjoyment, I want to collaborate with artists and spread the hiddepotential that comes from these collaborations through music.”
    “This is a space where you can not only relax, but where you can also go to find inspiration,” says TEI. “I would personally like to come here when I hit a dead-end and am in need of inspiration, or even just for meetings, using it as my Tokyo clubhouse.” The music at INTERSECT can also be considered a hub, constantly changing as it is influenced by its surroundings. From a crossroads of diverse talent and inspiration, a sound unique to the location is born.



    1990 world debut as a member of Deee-Lite.  1994 solo debut with album "Future Listening" in Japan from 2005 released trilogy albums FLASH(2005), "BIG FUN"(2009), "SUNNY"(2011) after releasing "LUCKY"(2013) welcoming his 20th anniversary the remastered 3 works "94-14 REMIX", "94-14 COVERS", and "94-14" has been released in 2014 2016 He produces store musics played in INTERSECT BY LEXUS TOKYO,AOYAMA His latest album is "CUTE" out on 29th July 2015. And, his new band METAFIVE 1st album "META" out on 13th Jan 2016.