Dec 28,2015. UPDATE

White Christmas 2015

12.21 Mon 19:30 START


As a special pre-Christmas celebration, INTERSECT BY LEXUS hosted the White Christmas 2015 event on December 21st, featuring INTERSECT sound director TOWA TEI and musician Kavka Shishido..

DJ HAZUKI manned the music booth in the ground floor Garage space to welcome the guests at the start of the evening, who arrived decked out as per the “white Christmas” dress code and swiftly transformed the venue into a dazzling sea of white.

One hour in and it was time for TEI’s turn at the DJ booth to play the music for the now fully packed venue.

As they listened, guests enjoyed the special menu of three seasonally colored cocktails: the red Charming Raspberry, White Christmas, and Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic with sliced cucumber.

After TEI had finished, the party atmosphere was reaching its peak.

Next Shishido took to the stage to begin her own live performance behind the drums. Although only planned as a three-track set, the crowd demanded an encore and Shishido returned to deliver one more song for Christmas.

The party also gave guests an exclusive preview of the White Winter installation, currently at INTERSECT until January 7th, 2016.

The whole of the Garage has been transformed into a magic snow globe experience. Fir tree roots hang from the ceiling, while white feathers conjure up a landscape of falling snow. And at the center is a white LEXUS LFA, completing the perfect winter scene.