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Special Seasonal Menu 4 by SUGALABO Chef Yosuke Suga

INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO partners again with SUGALABO Chef Yosuke Suga for the fourth in a series of special seasonal menus inspired by the unique wonders of local Japanese cuisine, available from July 7th.

Yosuke Suga has embarked on a journey of food discovery, traveling each month to various places all over Japan and seeking out different regional ingredients and cooking techniques.

Resonating with this desire for people to take a trip by car around Japan and learn more about the rich cultural charms of the country, LEXUS has collaborated with Suga on a special series of menus that started in October 2016.

For this fourth menu, Suga has prepared a summer season selection of three dishes: Oita Seki-aji Horse Mackerel and Aomori Noheji Turnip Hors d’oeuvre, Kagoshima Fukudome Farm Happiness Pork Grill, and Kochi Shiraki Orchard Konatsu and Basil Sorbet.

The ingredients were found by Suga personally on his many trips around Japan, incorporating the culinary delights of Oita, Kagoshima, Aomori, and Kochi prefectures. These seasonal dishes may just inspire you to take a trip by car and see the regions for yourself!

At the unique nexus for people, culture and talent that is INTERSECT BY LEXUS, experience this special menu of the seasonal tastes of Japan.

Oita Seki-aji Horse Mackerel and Aomori Noheji Turnip Hors d’oeuvre 1,800 yen (incl. tax)
The Seki-aji horse mackerel that crosses the fast waters of the Hoyo Strait is known for its firm body and rich fat. Caught by experienced fishermen, the freshness of the mackerel is preserved by being left to rest individually in corves and then killed back at the port by the humane ikejime method. The fish is matched with turnip from Noheji, Aomori Prefecture, which is so fresh it can be eaten raw and peeled by hand. Accented by white balsamic vinegar, this is an ideal hors d’oeuvre for the summer.

Kagoshima Fukudome Farm Happiness Pork Grill 2,800 yen (incl. tax)
Living off a diet of delicious water and a nutritious food, the pigs attentively farmed by the Fukudome brothers on the Osumi Peninsula are called Happiness Pork for a very good reason. Enjoy the richly grilled meat and seasonal Kyoto vegetables with the sharp tastes of the sherry vinegar sauce.

Kochi Shiraki Orchard Konatsu and Basil Sorbet 1,200 yen (incl. tax)
The citrus fruits grown at Shiraki Orchard in Kochi Prefecture are a SUGALABO standard. This hyuganatsu fruit, known locally as tosa-konatsu, is a refreshing fusion of sweet and sour flavors, and here becomes a crisp dessert in fragrant molasses with lemongrass, vanilla and star anise. Enjoy it with the perfectly complementing basil sorbet.

Yosuke Suga
Director, SUGALABO Inc.

Born in Nagoya in 1976 into a family that ran food businesses, including a French restaurant and pâtisserie. He grew up experiencing this world from the inside. He met Joël Robuchon at the age of 21, after which he spent 16 years working for the master chef. He served as head chef of new branches opened by Joël Robuchon in Tokyo, Las Vegas, New York, Taiwan, and Paris. He returned to Japan in 2014 to open up his own business, launching SUGALABO Inc. and a food “laboratory” in Kamiyacho, Tokyo, in 2015. While working creatively in a range of fields, he serves incredible dishes for discerning patrons at his exclusive establishment strictly for members by appointment only.

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