May 09,2017. UPDATE

Special Seasonal Menu 3 by SUGALABO Chef Yosuke Suga

INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO partners again with SUGALABO Chef Yosuke Suga for the third in our series of special seasonal menus inspired by the unique charms of Japanese cuisine, available from May 10th until the end of June (TBC).

Traveling all over Japan and discovering different regional foods and techniques, Yosuke Suga designs exclusive menus that resemble a journey around the country.

Resonating with this desire for people to take a trip by car around Japan and learn more about the rich cultural charms of the country, LEXUS has collaborated with Suga for a special series of menus that started in October 2016.

For the third menu, Suga has prepared a seasonal selection of three dishes: a soup with Kochi eggplant and Tosa Jiro egg; Milan-style cutlets with premium chicken from Oita Prefecture; and a riz au lait with rice and cherries from Yamagata Prefecture.

Suga found the local ingredients as he traveled around Japan from July 2015 to March 2017. He and LEXUS hope that these culinary delights inspire visitors to take their own journeys of discovery by car around Japan.

At INTERSECT BY LEXUS, a unique nexus for people, culture and talent, experience this special menu of the seasonal tastes of Japan.

Kochi Eggplant and Tosa Jiro Egg Soup 1,300 yen (incl. tax)
This smooth soup includes fragrantly grilled fresh organic eggplant grown in Konan City in Kochi Prefecture, complemented by the Tosa Jiro egg floating in the middle. One of SUGALABO’s most popular dishes, its flavor is enriched by ras el hanout, a spice mix often used in Maghreb cuisine.

Oita Premium Chicken Milan-style Culets 2,300 yen (incl. tax)
These cutlets feature liver and heart organs from Kanmuri Jidori chicken, a local pedigree of chicken bred for four years and acclaimed for its gentle texture. With added subtle flavors thanks to a fermented meat sauce that uses only natural ingredients, the cutlets are prepared in the juicy Milanese style. Enjoy with seasonal leaf vegetables organically grown in the town of Notsu, which is blessed with a varied climate.

Yamagata Rice and Cherry Riz au Lait 1,500 yen (incl. tax)
This simple yet delightful dessert uses seasonal Sato Nishiki cherries from Yamagata Prefecture in addition to Tsuyahime, one of the region’s most renowned brands of rice that is cultivated in Sagae at the foot of Mt Gassen. These ingredients make for a sophisticated update on a classic of French home cooking.

Yosuke Suga
Director, SUGALABO Inc.

Born in Nagoya in 1976 into a family that ran food businesses, including a French restaurant and pâtisserie. He grew up experiencing this world from the inside. He met Joël Robuchon at the age of 21, after which he spent 16 years working for the master chef. He served as head chef of new branches opened by Joël Robuchon in Tokyo, Las Vegas, New York, Taiwan, and Paris. He returned to Japan in 2014 in order to open up his own business, launching SUGALABO Inc. and a “laboratory” in Kamiyacho, Tokyo in 2015. While working creatively in a range of fields, he serves incredible dishes for discerning patrons at his exclusive establishment strictly for members by appointment only.