Sep 29,2015. UPDATE

Special Talk with Jessica Michibata

9.12 Sat 18:30 START

Jessica Michibata

Coinciding with VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT 2015, the fashion event held in the Omotesando, Aoyama, and Harajuku area, organic beauty brand SHIGETA partnered with INTERSECT BY LEXUS for a talk featuring special guest Jessica Michibata.

At the start of the event, the host explained how the LEXUS-SHIGETA partnership came about. “As a brand, SHIGETA extracts beauty from a healthy, comfortable everyday life. This matches a lot with what LEXUS is doing.”

Jessica Michibata, a fan of SHIGETA’s products, was then welcomed onto the stage to discuss her lifestyle and beauty secrets.

The first question was about food: “Jessica, do you take care of what you eat?”

“I try to eat what my body craves,” the model explained. “But I also try to choose healthy options, such as seasonal vegetables and fresh food.”

As the host pointed out, the upstairs Bistro at INTERSECT BY LEXUS is currently offering a unique “super organic vegetables” dish, created out of exactly the same philosophy of healthy, seasonal food.

Michibata also enjoys yoga and a range of sports, including competitive triathlons. But how does she take care of her body after doing exercise?

“The day after I run a marathon I feel pretty tired, but I always then take a hot bath. I created some bath salts with SHIGETA. The EARTH bath salts are really effective at healing fatigue.”

What does she do on a daily basis to look after her body?

“Moisturizing is really important. But more important still is what goes on inside you. I use my favorite aromas, like rose or jasmine or cananga, to relax and heal my body. It helps to loosen my neck and give me a natural smile. This all connects to enhancing your beauty.”

And why does she love organic beauty products so much?

“Organic and natural things are powerful. They feel like they have a genuine effect on the body. They’re gentle on the skin and the way they are made is also environmentally friendly. I always want to choose something that feels good, so I use natural and organic products.”

“No matter how busy I am, I always make time to light some candles and relax, take a bath rather than a shower, and just do something for myself. This is essential to let your inner beauty shine,” said Michibata.