Jul 25,2016. UPDATE

CRAFTED FOR LEXUS x Creators Workshop 3
SyuRo x Hana4

6.19 Sun 19:30 START

Hana4, Masuko Unayama

CRAFTED FOR LEXUS x Creators Workshop is a series of events pairing emerging creative talents with young designers from CRAFTED FOR LEXUS, the lifestyle collection presented by LEXUS. The third workshop was held on June 19th, featuring Masuko Unayama, curator for design studio SyuRo who produced the tableware at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO, and internationally acclaimed nail artist Hana4.

To commemorate the workshop, a special SyuRo glass with illustrations by Hana4 is available exclusively at CRAFTED FOR LEXUS.

Masuko Unayama designed the glasses used in the Bistro on the second floor of INTERSECT BY LEXUS, which are also available in the CRAFTED FOR LEXUS collection on sale upstairs at INTERSECT. This workshop saw participants decorate transparant coasters especially selected by Unayama in consultation with Hana4 to match the glasses. The attendees were chosen by lottery from around 300 applicants and had the chance to create “high-definition” art on the acrylic coasters using nail gel.

To kick things off, the workshop leaders first introduced themselves and explained the purpose of the event. Although known as a nail artist, Hana4 also shared examples of her other work, such as her recent contribution to a charity event in Shibuya where she decorated a sculpture of Shaun the Sheep.

Hana4 had also prepared sample coasters for the participants to see. The artist asked the participants to choose from a color chart and then use three brushes to make their decoration. “It’s tough to draw thin lines. But you can just wipe it off and start again if you make a mistake,” she reassured everyone. She then demonstrated how to use two colors to make a gradation and how the thickness of the brush affects the line.

Listening to Hana4’s advice, the participants fell silent as they all concentrated on completing their designs. During this time, Unayama explained more about the glass itself. “It was originally designed for the Bistro at INTERSECT BY LEXUS and is part of the CRAFTED FOR LEXUS collection, but it’s also perfect for using at home. Of course, you can drink out it, though I recommend it as well for cold soups, salads and celery. The glass was handmade by an artisan from Shotoku Glass in Sumida ward, east Tokyo. The minimal design makes it ideal for pairing with decorated coasters. You can place it on the coaster and see the patterns reflected inside.”

Unayama also explained how special glasses decorated by Hana4 were also available exclusively at INTERSECT, matching the nail artist’s signature intricate style with sandblasted glass. “And the design is permanent. Even if you wash the glass it won’t come off, so you can always enjoy looking at the patterns.”

“Traditional Japanese craftsmanship and techniques can teach us so much,” said Hana4, who is known for her diverse collaborations with fashion brands. “I was so happy to be asked to work with Japanese crafts for this project. In the same way as traditional artisans, Japanese nail art also has a very strong reputation for quality and skill. I hope I can harness what I have learnt to share these techniques with many other artists, and also continue to work in partnership with traditional crafts.”

This brought to a close a workshop that represented the very essence of CRAFTED FOR LEXUS: traditional, classic techniques intersecting with contemporary styles and sensibilities. Inspired by Hana4’s incredible brushwork, the participants had also made their own artistic contributions to take home.

To commemorate the workshop, SyuRo’s Masuko Unayama has created a special glass with original illustrations by Hana4 exclusively for CRAFTED FOR LEXUS.

Limited edition of 20
Price: 2,800 yen (incl. tax)
Please ask a member of staff at INTERSECT BY LEXUS for further information.