Jan 27,2021. UPDATE

Brighten up the Stay-at-Home Days with Original Chocolate

From Thursday, January 28th, special chocolate menus will be available at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO for a limited time only.

This winter, INTERSECT will offer two chocolate treats: a chocolate bar and tray set, and a hot chocolate crumbs and whisk set.

Intended as ways to spark joy in people’s lives whilst everyone is having to stay at home, both sets have been developed in partnership with up-and-coming chocolatier Yusuke Kabuki and product designer Masuko Unayama. Unayama is also behind the brand SyuRo, who created the tableware for INTERSECT, as well as items which are part of the lifestyle collection, CRAFTED FOR LEXUS.

The reason behind the collaboration is because Kabuki, SyuRo and Lexus all share common values where they believe in continuously refining technology through researching materials and manufacturing methods, which always consider the customer. Hospitality is at the heart of all 3 brands always providing a rich customer experience and environment.

Only at INTERSECT can you experience the new original chocolate Kun and SyuRo tableware as a set. The tray and whisk can also continue to come in handy well after the chocolate is eaten, making these sets great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day or White Day (March 14).

At INTERSECT, you can indulge in chocolatey bliss and take a moment for yourself, thanks to this new lineup of eat-in and takeout items.

Chocolate Bar and Tray   4,500 yen (incl. tax)
A set of the original Kabuki chocolate bar Kun and a copper tray by SyuRo.

Kun is an original chocolate developed by Kabuki, inspired by how guests spend time at INTERSECT. Boasting a mellow fragrance of cacao which is evocative of roasted nuts as well as a distinct dark caramel aroma that comes from mixing in milk and refining at a high temperature. This is a richly flavored dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacao. The copper tray in the set was specifically designed to accompany Kun. Made with the traditional tankin technique where the metal is beaten and gradually elongated and fashioned, its size and shape lend an elegant accent to a piece of chocolate. The surface also faintly retains the marks of the artisan’s hammer, adding warmth to the texture and scent of the chocolate when placed on the round tray.

* Pot and cooker are not included.

Hot Chocolate Crumbs and Whisk   4,500 yen (incl. tax)
A set of Kun chocolate crumbs for hot chocolate drinks (two cups) and an original whisk.

This set features Kun chocolate crumbs that can be used to make hot chocolate drinks with a full flavor and a strong cacao fragrance. Designed expressly for the purpose, the included whisk transforms the experience of preparing the drink at home into a special occasion where you can enjoy the smooth blending of the chocolate crumbs in the milk. The copper-plated whisk is made in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata, carefully crafted with close attention paid to usability as well as the number and thickness of the wires to ensure it lasts a long time.

Hot Chocolate   1,000 yen (incl. tax) (eat-in only)


Yusuke Kabuki (Kabuki)
Chocolatier, coffee roaster, and owner of the chocolate and coffee shop Kabuki in Taito ward, Tokyo. After working for a major chocolate manufacturer as an engineer involved in cacao and chocolate product R&D, he opened Kabuki in east Tokyo in 2016. He makes chocolate, develops recipes, coaches at cacao cultivation sites, and researches varieties and fermentation. He is also the author of books about chocolate and coffee.

Tray and Whisk Designer

Masuko Unayama (SyuRo)
Harnessing the texture of materials and adopting minimalist approaches, Masuko Unayama’s product designs exist in a spatially rooted everyday while resonating with all the senses in the gap between the ordinary and extraordinary, and between Western and Japanese. Through the filter of her brand, SyuRo, her design work integrates Japanese traditions, artisanal techniques, and welfare services. She is active worldwide styling, planning and producing items for other manufacturers, and exhibiting her own brand. She runs a SyuRo store and gallery in Torigoe, located near Kuramae in east Tokyo. Through her designs for lifestyle items, she constantly endeavors to convey a sense of compassion and determination.

Original tableware by SyuRo for the INTERSECT Café and Bistro