Innovative tableware, enhancing the appeal of both the cuisine and the atmosphere

Original tableware produced by lifestyle goods brand SyuRo is used in both the cafe and bistro at INTERSECT BY LEXUS. With porcelain from Saga Prefecture and wooden products from Hokkaido, all components of the place settings are “Made in Japan.” Crafted at the hands of skilled artisans possessing a quintessentially Japanese spirit of hospitality, the tableware enhances the taste of each dish while accentuating the attractiveness of the space.

  • All of the roughly 80 items SyuRo produced for use at INTERSECT were made to order. For the project, designer Masuko Unayama sought to create pieces full of originality that highlight the cuisine with their simple design. Based on a central theme of “something you think might exist but doesn’t,” Unayama believes the result of her work is a perfect match for INTERSECT, a place that offers new lifestyle concepts. SyuRo is well known for the design and texture of its tableware, which is infused with ingenuity and thoughtfulness. Symbolic of SyuRo’s work is a place setting consisting of a metal tray with porcelain and wooden pieces that allows presentation layouts to be adjusted according to the food being served. Whether the set is used for single-serving dishes or special set menus, both guests and kitchen staff alike will experience the various combinations this tableware makes possible.

  • Functional beauty born of in-depth discussions

    In harmony with the relaxed and subdued ambience of INTERSECT, the design of these new eye-pleasing dishes “was born out of repeated conversations with food director Daichi Tajima,” says Unayama. Plate rim angles were adjusted so that sauces could be enjoyed to their fullest. Grey and white were chosen as the colors for the tableware, which has been prepared in varying sizes, in order to highlight the natural colors of the vegetables and other cuisine served. The design is complimentary, increasing the degree of freedom possible for each menu offered.

    “The cups don’t feel hot to the touch, even when containing a hot drink. This is the result of the clay used, and the specialized way in which they are produced. The tableware allows food and drink to retain their warmth at the same time though.” All this was made possible by the contribution of local artisans.

Fun, eye-pleasing design produced by Japanese artisans

SyuRo became involved in the production of tableware for the bistro and cafe through its collaborative efforts to create a key tray for the CRAFTED FOR LEXUS lifestyle items series. LEXUS sympathized with SyuRo’s cooperative attitude in working with artisans to ensure careful, thoughtful craftsmanship, and its strong desire to see that craftsmanship is passed on to the next generation of skilled artists.

“Opportunities to produce tableware from scratch don’t come about that often,” explains Unayama. “For LEXUS, creating INTERSECT is a new challenge. SyuRo shares the same concept of wanting to bring more satisfaction to people’s everyday lives through the enjoyment of fine, high-quality products. By incorporating new ideas and perspectives under the theme of ‘something you think might exist but doesn’t,’ I want to further improve the experience of people who come here.” Produced by the skilled hands and with the spirit of hospitality of master craftspeople across Japan, each inspiring piece of tableware is an indispensable part of this innovative and relaxing space.

SyuRo Masuko Unayama

Masuko Unayama launched SyuRo in 1999 as a company focused on planning and direction related to spatial displays and lifestyle goods. In 2006, she launched her own brand under the company’s name and in 2008 opened a shop in Tokyo’s Taito ward, home to many small backstreet factories and workshops, in order to sell her original products and selected lifestyle goods designed to appeal to the five senses. A characteristic of SyuRo products is that they support traditional Japanese craftsmanship and are made to last. SyuRo also holds regular events aimed at deepening understanding of the manufacturing processes.