Dec 27,2013. UPDATE

WORKSHOP BY LEXUS Vol. 4: Creating Music for a Space

12.13 Fri 19:00 START

Towa Tei, Yukihiro Takahashi

This workshop took a look at the multi-faceted relationship between music and space. The theme was approached by TOWA TEI, in charge of sound direction for INTERSECT BY LEXUS, and Yukihiro Takahashi, who made his mark on the domestic and international music scene with YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA, which he founded in 1978, before going on to perform in other bands and as a solo artist.

To start the event, workshop moderator Tetsuya Suzuki, Editor-in-chief of, asked TOWA TEI about his role in the sound direction for INTERSECT BY LEXUS. The discussion expanded to include not only the relationship between music and a space but also music as a form of personal expression and how people's encounters with new songs influence them. Mr. TEI noted that he is picky about the music he listens to while eating; Mr. Takahashi talked about music that suits a particular situation or space, from everyday scenarios to others that are more unusual.

Of particular interest was when the two men drew references from their own experiences. Mr. TEI recalled buying a YMO record at a record shop in Yokohama and entering a video production competition in New York that had Mr. Takahashi on the judging panel. Other episodes, such as Mr. Takahashi's appearance on vocals on Mr. TEI's latest album, also illustrated the two men's intertwined relationship and shared creative expression through music.

At the end, the two guests took questions from the floor, and the event ended on a high-spirited note, with humor and laughter filling the room.

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