Oct 07,2014. UPDATE

Supervision, a solo concert by Keiichiro Shibuya

10.07 Tue 19:30 START

Keiichiro Shibuya

INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO was privileged to host “Supervision,” a special invite-only solo concert by Keiichiro Shibuya on October 7th. A grand piano and other musical equipment were installed in the ground floor space Garage to transform it for the one-night music event. Shibuya performed nine tracks, including new work he had created especially for the concert.

An appreciative audience listened while sipping champagne. The concert offered them something more than just the music, though. Black-and-white footage of Shibuya performing was projected onto screens viewable on both the first and second floors, giving the impression that you were “peeping” in on the musician as he played. The idea for this visual element to the event came from the composer himself, who explained how it was related to the theme of “Perfect Privacy,” the concert he performed later in October at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris. “The footage resembles video taken by CCTV cameras,” Shibuya told us. “That’s because for the person actually performing, a concert feels almost like being under surveillance.”
Close attention was paid to all the details in the space in order to enhance the experience of the concert. Polyhedral speakers by Taguchi were employed for the audio, adding a sculptural dimension to the sound. There was also no seating, meaning the audience members filled the space fully and fused with the music. Meanwhile, photographer Kyoji Takahashi brought his unique perspective to recording the event.
Shibuya closed the night’s music with a gentle piano piece. Under the auspices of the French government, Shibuya is next set to move to France to pursue new international projects. With a reputation overseas now on the rise following his solo concert at Théâtre du Châtelet on October 20th, the intimate event at INTERSECT was a rare musical experience created by an artist working at the forefront of his field.