Nov 15,2013. UPDATE

INTERSECT BY LEXUS x MIT Media Lab, Music Performance by “Mirror Fugue”

11.03 Sun 19:00 START

Professor Hiroshi Ishii (MIT Media Lab)

On Nov. 3, the first floor garage space of INTERSECT BY LEXUS hosted a music concert led by Mirror Fugue, an interface design project that adds a visual dimension to piano recitals. The event, under a theme of Art and Technology, was held in collaboration with MIT Media Lab, the leading global research institute.

Mirror Fugue is a newly developed interface that allows the pianist to play with all kinds of people, including past versions of themselves and other musicians, by projecting images of other recitals onto the piano in real time.

From the same institute, which continues to astonish the world with its tangible user interfaces, Professor Hiroshi Ishii held a talk session on crossovers between technology and art, aesthetics and engineering, and how vision gives rise to innovation. He said that he could connect with the INTERSECT BY LEXUS concept of providing a space where people can come together.

The talk, which offered a real understanding of the future, and the cutting-edge piano performance both captivated the audience, creating an atmosphere that was stimulating yet tranquil. It was an unusual mixture of music and technology.

Experience the event by watching the following video.

[Partita for Three Characters, a re-imagination of the prelude from J.S. Bach's B-flat major Partita by Donal Fox published by Leonellis Music]