May 07,2014. UPDATE

REPORT 1Talk session between Kosei Komatsu x ISSEY MIYAKE designer Yoshiaki Miyamae

Kosei Komatsu, Yoshiaki Miyamae(ISSEY MIYAKE designer)

MEDIA AMBITION TOKYO 2014, was held between Feb. 7th and Mar. 30th , at its primary location of Roppongi Hills. INTERSECT BY LEXUS stood in as the secondary Aoyama venue for the event and housed installations by 2 artists. Kosei Komatsu’s “Lifelog Glider” and “Secret Garden”, which used devices that control natural phenomenon, to create poetic environments remained on display until February 20th.

Timed to coincide with the exhibition, a talk session was held between Mr. Komatsu and ISSEY MIYAKE designer, Yoshiaki Miyamae, who took part in the run up to Paris Fashion Week. Dai Takeuchi of WIRED Magazine hosted the event, and directed the discussion around the two men’s creative works in their own words.

The discussion opened with introductions. Mr. Komatsu, who after graduating from art school would predominantly work with bird feathers as his medium, and Mr. Miyamae, whose creative activity revolves around his own women’s fashion line, ISSEY MIYAKE. The two artists first met when Mr. Komatsu and his artist group came in to present their design for a shop window installation for Ginza’s ELTTOB TEP ISSEY MIYAKE store. Mr. Komatsu recalled that he was familiar with and admired Mr. Miyamae’s work and his approach to design, and the way in which he would use nature as a theme, but also have a keen interest in technology and media art. He remembers looking up through the immaculate white stairwell and thinking how he’d like to see his own Lifelog chandelier piece there, and negotiating with the staff for an opportunity to work with them. Incidentally, a month earlier, while visiting the “Maho no bijutsukan” (gallery of magic) exhibit at the Mori Art Gallery in Ueno, Mr. Miyamae being impressed with Mr. Komatsu’s work. Looking back at this coincidence, the two men recalled their meeting as a “match made in heaven”.

Mr. Komatsu’s piece on display at INTERSECT BY LEXUS is the “Lifelog Glider”, which is composed of bird feathers rotating and dancing above a large fan, which he professes was 4 years in the making. Since 2011 when Mr. Komatsu became a designer for ISSEY MIYAKE, Mr. Miyamae who continued to incorporate nature in his designs described feathers as something that anyone would agree is beautiful. He talks about Mr. Komatsu’s piece as capturing people’s interest without making apparent the technology behind it, adds that its fantastic that both adults and small children can enjoy it equally. Komatsu-san described technology as an enabling tool; and that he is careful about getting a balance between the natural and technological aspects of his installments.

The conversation moved from the two men’s shared interest in the balance of nature and technology, to its embodiment. Also, with March marking the opening of the ELTTOB TEP ISSEY MIYAKE store in Ginza, Mr. Miyamae and Mr. Komatsu discussed the chandelier piece that they are working on together. Mr. Miyamae explains that “we are creating tectonic lines by putting pleats into the soft material. Ordinarily, darts or folds would be used for clothing, but one of the characteristics of this particular material, is that we can make it stand by simply adding pleats. I have left the material that I created in Mr. Komatsu’s hands, so I am looking forward to seeing the finished piece. His work never ceases to amaze me.” Mr. Komatsu continued by saying, “the fact that you can infuse colors and patterns in to the material and still allow it to absorb light resembles real feathers. It’s exciting to think that each piece of material will become a feather, and I must say that I myself am looking forward to the finished piece.”

After the talk session ended, a social gathering where guests could talk directly to the 2 men. This was a rare privilege, and the event went on until late. The evening was full of themes of art and fashion, and how technology can be used to connect people, culture and values; an event unique to LEXUS.