Jan 20,2014. UPDATE


12.20 Fri 19:00 START

Over 300 guests and celebrities turned out to an exclusive party to celebrate the first Christmas of INTERSECT BY LEXUS. The night was a symphony of music and cuisine, with elegant lounge music provided by TOWA TEI, who handles sound production for the venue ordinarily, and an array of dishes by the man in charge of food production, Daichi Tajima.

The party mood was enhanced by Christmas-themed red and green cocktails and finger foods, as well as a soundtrack by DJ/model HICO. As the guests filed in, an edible ‘green’ Christmas tree by Mr. Tajima stood near the entrance. Small bouquets of vegetables gave the tree its green color, instantly providing the venue with a special atmosphere.

As Mr. TEI replaced DJ HICO in the DJ booth, a second ‘red’ edible Christmas tree was unveiled. Its duck breast and vegetable tortilla wraps were a novel dish that looked and tasted delicious. The vivid colors and rich flavor offered a unique culinary experience.

Also produced by Mr. TEI, the live performance by NOKKO with INO Hidefumi made the evening even more special. Towards the end of the performance, NOKKO sang the hit song “Friends,” recalling her time with the band REBECCA, which went down particularly well with the audience. For an encore, NOKKO further delighted the audience with a rendition of “Silent Night,” before passing the stage over to DJ FUMIYA. As the party began to draw to a close, a third ‘white’ edible Christmas tree was brought out, featuring mousse, macarons and cheesecake, all decorated with white roses.

The whole event was imbued with Christmas spirit, with a whole host of surprises and new discoveries unique to the occasion and venue. Finally, the curtain closed on what was arguably the most exhilarating event of the year at INTERSECT BY LEXUS.