Sep 29,2021. UPDATE

Special Autumn Desserts: A New Seasonal Tart and the Return of the Popular Whipped Cream Mont Blanc

INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO is offering a special menu of autumn-themed desserts this fall from October 1.

The Seasonal Tart is a new series of desserts made with fruit that matches the time of year, allowing guests to experience the changing seasons in the sweetest and most delicious ways possible! The first tart is topped with a violette de Solliès black fig from the island of Sado, which are available only in October.

Grown in the warm climate of the Ogi area of Sado, Niigata Prefecture, violette de Solliès figs’ short season makes them rare and difficult to harvest, earning them the nickname “black diamonds.” With a sugar concentration of 18–24%, they have a deep, sweet taste and smooth texture. The fig is cut into halves so that you can fully enjoy its round shape and ample size alongside the unique flavor of the fruit.

Complementing the dish, an original spiced sugar blended with some spices is kneaded into the homemade tart pastry to accentuate the sticky, sweet taste of the fig. Finally, homemade crème pâtissière and moist and smooth buffalo ricotta made from freshly squeezed milk from Kisarazu, Chiba, further enhance the flavor of the tart pastry and fig.

The tart comes served with the original spiced sugar arranged in the image of the LEXUS spindle as well as spice-coated dried figs that have been marinated in fig vincotto* and red wine. Pleasantly contrasting with the sweetness of the tart, these spicy accents make the dessert a varied delight to eat from start to finish.

October also sees the annual return of the popular Whipped Cream Mont Blanc for a limited time. It is prepared only after an order is placed, guaranteeing the freshness of the meringue and cream, and the richness of the chestnut flavors.

Welcome the arrival of autumn with these special desserts exclusively available at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO.

Autumn Menu
■ Seasonal Tart 800 yen (incl. tax)

Made with fruits appropriate to the time of year, this tart offers up a sense of the changing seasons through its visuals and flavors. The first in this new series is a fresh tart full of sweet textures and crowned by a violette de Solliès black fig from the island of Sado.

■ Whipped Cream Mont Blanc 1,000 yen (incl. tax)

This deluxe dessert features chopped Japanese chestnuts on a grilled meringue base, enveloped in espuma-style fresh whipped cream and original INTERSECT chestnut “string”** purée, and all topped with kuri-okoge***. Prepared to order.

*Fig pulp soaked and given more flavor by slowly maturing grape must in a wooden barrel.
**A chestnut-based paste squeezed into long, thin stringy shapes.
***A type of Japanese scorched chestnut made at the bottom of a cooking pot when cooking kuri kinton (candied chestnuts with sweet potatoes). It is a rare dish packed with the flavors of chestnuts and can only be made in small quantities.