Nov 16,2017. UPDATE

New CRAFTED FOR LEXUS 2017 Lineup Items

Two autumn-winter 2017 items made with traditional Japanese techniques have been added to CRAFTED FOR LEXUS, the lifestyle collection produced by LEXUS in partnership with regional artisans and designers.

The new items are the Kiriko Glasses by STUDIO KOBIN and the Spindle Tray by SEE SEE. They will be available at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO from the end of November.

Visit INTERSECT to experience what the skill of these young artisans created in harmony with the craftsmanship of LEXUS.

STUDIO KOBIN Kiriko Glasses (clear, turquoise)
Small: 20,000 yen (incl. tax)
Medium: 25,000 yen (incl. tax)

These glasses are made using a traditional Japanese Kiriko technique by Toshiyasu Nakamura, who previously created an ornamental door trim for the new LEXUS LS. Available in two colors (clear or turquoise), the surface of the glasses is decorated with the same pattern as the LS door trim. Attractive to the eye as well as a delight to hold in the hand, these glasses balance functionality with aesthetic pleasure.


SEE SEE Spindle Tray
8,800 yen (incl. tax)

Created by SEE SEE, a brand started by a woodturner featured as a prefectural representative in the 2016 LEXUS New Takumi Project, this tray is a tribute to the wonders of Shizuoka woodturning. But it also goes beyond this, using traditional Shizuoka tea-dyeing to produce the deep black that accentuates anything placed on its surface. Complemented by an innovative design touch inspired by the LEXUS spindle grille, this tray also serves as an elegant ornament for any setting.


A special exhibition of CRAFTED FOR LEXUS items, including the new items, takes place at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO from November 21st.
Visit INTERSECT to see this unique collection of lifestyle accessories.



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