June 19, 2019 - July 31, 2019

LEXUS x HARU stuck-on design; Exhibition “After-Image”

From June 19th, the ground floor Garage space at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO will host “After-Image,” an exhibition created in collaboration with decorative tape brand HARU stuck-on design;.

Exploring the titular concept of an afterimage, the installation features abstract imagery of the people, cars, and culture that intersect and remain behind in this space located in the unique Japanese cultural and fashion hub that is Omotesando. The installation is strikingly created with colorful Japanese paper tape and concrete sticks. Enclosing various memories of the city’s neon, natural flora, and light and shadow as afterimages within the colors, the tape crisscrosses between the concrete sticks arranged seemingly at random from the ceiling to the floor. Suspended in the air, the tape totally transforms the space with dazzling color. The concrete sticks symbolize buffer stops, catching the abstract color afterimages of people riding away in cars. These afterimages also shift depending on the time of day. In this way, time itself is incorporated into the artwork by these evolving afterimages and the use of lighting that conveys a vivid sense of temporal change even while the exhibit remains the same.

The subtle and minimal afterimages can also be found in the Café. Guests are able to play with the same Japanese paper tape, selecting colors of their choice and sticking them to their clothes, bags, or electronic devices, and then taking the afterimages home with them.

During the exhibitions, guests can receive a customizable clear bag (available while stocks last) if they share a post about the event on social media. The bag design can be personalized using the tape from the ground floor Café.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this emotionally rich and surprising collaboration between LEXUS and HARU stuck-on design;, fresh from its much-discussed appearance at Milan Design Week.

Exhibition: June 19th – July 30th, 2019

HARU stuck-on design;
HARU stuck-on design; is a decorative tape for designing space. Bringing together the wide-ranging technology of the Nitto Group from industry, healthcare, and electronic components, it was launched in 2016 as a customizable design tool for creating playful color spaces. The adhesive tape allows people to create and design their own visually stimulating spaces. Based on the core ideas behind the brand, the tape is available in eight vibrant types of color families, three materials for different uses and places, two patterns, and a range of sizes to meet the various needs of professionals. In 2017, it won the Red Dot Award: Product Design. Its design direction is by the creative unit SPREAD.

HARU stuck-on design;

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