Extraordinary luxury that fascinates, world around.


With muscular yet sophisticated styling that leaves an impression on your heart.
And the capability to take demanding terrain in stride, anywhere in the world.
Refinement and finesse in the pinnacle of SUV luxury.
LX, masterpiece of the Lexus SUV lineup.
A dynamic breakthrough presence just for you, connoisseur of the bona fide.

Standard equipment: SD navigation/Lexus LX Premium Sound System/G-Link (3 years free)*1

Fuel consumption: WLTCMODE 6.6km / L
4.3km / L (city mode), 6.9km / L (suburban mode), 8.3km / L (expressway mode)

Overall length: 5,080 mm, Overall width: 1,980 mm, Overall height: 1,910 mm, Wheelbase: 2,850 mm

  Manufacturer suggested retail price( tax included / yen )
LX570 AWD 11,356,481
Use of G-Link requires a separate agreement, but the service is free of charge for the first three years of your Lexus new car ownership (for new car purchasers only). The service is free of charge for the first two years for CPO purchasers only. G-Link is a trademark of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., and is used here with permission.
Fuel consumption rate is based on the specified test cycle conditions.
Actual consumption rate may vary depending on operating environment (weather, road congestion) and driving habits (fast starting and stopping, use of air conditioning, etc.).
Instrumentation in the photo is illuminated for explanatory purposes and is not intended to depict the state of instrumentation during actual operation.
Prices shown are the manufacturer's suggested retail prices (as of August 2020) and are provided for your reference. Actual prices are set by individual Lexus dealers. Please see your Lexus dealer for more information.