Evocative, emotional sedan.


The heart of the Lexus lineup, making history since the birth of the marque.


Standard equipment:Navigation system (3 media VICS [compatible with VICS WIDE]/compatible with Bluetooth® cell phone), 12.3-inch wide display, G-Link (3 years free)*1, HELPNET® (compatible with D-Call Net®)*2, G-Security*3 (compatible with remote immobilizer and remote operation)

2.5L 4-cylinder inline engine + hybrid system (FF)
Fuel consumption: JC08MODE 23.4km / L WLTCMODE 20.6km / L
16.6km/L (city mode), 21.4km/L (suburban mode), 22.7km/L (expressway mode)

Overall length: 4,975 mm, Overall width: 1,865 mm, Overall height: 1,445 mm, Wheelbase: 2,870 mm

  Manufacturer suggested retail price( tax included / yen )
ES300h "version L" 2WD (FF) 7,109,259
"F SPORT" 6,406,481
G-Link is offered only for new car purchasers and CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) purchasers. Use of G-Link requires a separate agreement. G-Link basic fee is free of charge for the first 3 years of your Lexus new car ownership for new car purchasers, and for the first 2 years of CPO ownership. Please contact your Lexus dealer for details on G-Link basic fee and procedures for use after the free period. G-Link uses LTE (Long Term Evolution), and is not available in places that are out of range of radio signals. G-Link is a service offered by Toyota Connected Corporation.
“HELPNET®” is the registered trademark of Japan Mayday Service Co., Ltd.
G-Security is a 24-hour security service that watches over your Lexus to prevent a theft or break-in. After the doors are locked, G-Security detects any disturbance that could indicate an unauthorized attempt to enter the vehicle. It also detects the movement of persons, animals, etc. in the car, so, for example, if you lock the doors with a pet or person in the vehicle you must de-activate the invasion sensor. The system is designed to deter the theft of your vehicle, but please understand that it does not guarantee complete security in all cases. At the time of remote operation, please use G-Security at a state you make sure safety.
Fuel consumption rate is based on the specified test cycle conditions. Actual consumption rate may vary depending on operating environment (weather, road congestion etc.) and driving habits (fast starting, use of air conditioning, etc.).
WLTC mode is the international driving mode, which comprises the average driving time distribution of city, suburban, and expressway driving modes. The city mode presumes relatively low-speed driving due to the effects of signals, traffic congestion, etc.; the suburban mode, faster driving with fewer signals, less traffic congestion, etc.; and the expressway mode, driving on high-speed expressways, etc.
Prices shown are the manufacturer's suggested retail prices (as of October 2019) and are provided for your reference. Actual prices are set by individual Lexus dealers. Please contact your Lexus dealer for more information.