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LEXUS meets yuica

INTERSECT experiences and memories,infused with a fragrant aroma

Sitting in the second floor lounge at INTERSECT BY LEXUS, guest unexpectedly experience a calming new sensation.

  • The hand towel has a fragrance described as similar to sweet lemon. “The refreshing smell of citrus with a touch of sweetness is a trait of the Willow-leafed magnolia tree, ” explains Tadashi Inamoto, the owner of yuica, an aroma brand dealing in essential oils particular to Japanese forests.

    Yuica provides “Made in Japan” fragrances produced from 100% natural oils extracted from Japanese forests. For INTERSECT, yuica prepared an original oil blend based on the world’s first successful extraction of oils from the Willow-leafed magnolia tree. “It is a rare and world-class fragrance that perfectly conveys the image of luxury and Japanese hospitality associated with LEXUS,” says Inamoto. “To create just the right fragrance for this, we carefully adjusted the blend time and time again.”

A space with a soothing fragrance and the essence of Japan

Yuica purifies essential oils extracted from leaves and branches collected during the pruning of undeveloped woodlands, a task necessary for their preservation. “The allure of a fragrance born of Japanese woodlands is something I definitely want people to experience at INTERSECT” says Inamoto.

The efforts of yuica and LEXUS to present to the world values that originate from Japan are well represented at INTERSECT. The refined sensitivity of Japan and its unique spirit of hospitality are elements shared by both brands.

  • yuica
  • yuica

    Based out of a workshop in Hida-Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, yuica is a brand that refines and sells essential oils it extracts from trees that grow in Japanese woodlands. With a name derived from Chinese characters for “binding” and “aroma,” yuica was created to “connect people’s minds and bodies, and people with nature while preserving the environment and contributing to human health.” Yuica produces world-class Japan-inspired aromas from native trees and shrubbery, including hinoki cypress, which is often a feature of traditional Japanese bathtubs, and Lindera and Willow-leafed magnolia, which have long been used in tea ceremony.

  • Tadashi Inamoto
  • Tadashi Inamoto

    Born in 1945, Tadashi is a writer and craftsman. In 1974, seeking a “harmonious lifestyle for people, nature and tools,” he established Oak Village, a crafts village in Kiyomicho, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture. While developing a wide range of crafts, he carried out tree-planting activities to emphasize the importance of the forest ecosystem. In 1999, in recognition of his environmental work, he was presented with the Greenery Day Natural Environment Merit Award. In 2006, he established the yuica aroma brand, which focuses on fragrances derived from Japanese forests. Among his other endeavors, he serves as a member of the Gifu Prefectural Board of Education and is a guest professor at the Tokyo University of Agriculture.