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INTERSECT BY LEXUS coffee, presented by FUGLEN

The INTERSECT BY LEXUS coffee menu is curated by FUGLEN, a coffee bar from Oslo, Norway, and acclaimed as one of the best coffee brewers in the world. FUGLEN carefully selects and changes the coffee beans every three months to offer new seasonal tastes from the very best sources in the world.


  • The original coffee at INTERSECT BY LEXUS created by FUGLEN is an interface that connects people and the LEXUS lifestyle. “What we are endeavoring to do here is serve sophisticated coffee beverages as triggers for interaction between people in the space,” says FUGLEN co-owner Einar Kleppe Holthe. “This is a coffee stand for people from all walks of life, a place for blending into the city.”

    FUGLEN individually harvests only the completely ripe fruits from coffee plants and then uses raw beans that have gone through a strictly controlled refining process. For FUGLEN, serving coffee in the best possible condition is always the final goal. To achieve this, the traceability and sustainability of the source are paramount, along with roasting and drip brewing in a manner that matches the qualities of the bean.

  • FUGLEN procures coffee beans especially for INTERSECT to shape the luxury taste appropriate to the LEXUS experience. The FUGLEN team seeks out beans that can realize that perfect unhurried sweetness, combined with a sharpness that carries the sporty zing of a LEXUS car. Expect also an aftertaste that lingers, eager for another sip. Fresh beans arrive at the FUGLEN roasting plant in Tokyo, where they are expertly roasted before being sent to INTERSECT.

    Coffee has long been a stimulator of new encounters and creativity. The history of coffee is also the history of culture, sparking communication between people when they come together to share this universal drink loved the world over.


    FUGLEN is a long-standing coffee bar from Oslo, Norway, founded in 1963. A fusion of vintage design, coffee and cocktails, it also continues to disseminate lifestyle suggestions. High-quality coffee and cocktails are served in a space decorated with vintage Norwegian designs from the 50s and 60s. Introduced in the New York Times as “the best coffee in the world, worth jumping on a plane to Norway just to enjoy,” FUGLEN opened its second store in 2012, in Tokyo, and plans to open a third in New York.

  • アイナル・クレッペ・ホルテ(Einar Kleppe Holthe)
  • Einar Kleppe Holthe

    FUGLEN’s co-owner and manager of the store during its days as KAFFE FUGLEN, the establishment’s previous name. With a desire to ensure the continued existence of the store, he bought FUGLEN in 2008 for one Norwegian Krone (about 16-17 yen), and the store was reborn under a new concept.?As well as working at FUGLEN, until 2012, he also served as director of the Stockfleths coffee and tea company, a sister company and also the parent company of FUGLEN. In 2007, he was barista champion for Norway.