Nov 09,2020. UPDATE

Experience the Beauty of Japan’s Four Seasons with a Special Home Dining-Style Christmas Dinner and Music Playlist

From Tuesday, December 1, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO will celebrate the Christmas season by offering limited numbers of daily takeout Christmas dinners as well as an eat-in dinner from Wednesday, December 23 to Friday, December 25.

The Christmas dinner is inspired by the four seasons, featuring a quartet of dishes (appetizer, fish, meat, and dessert) that convey a vivid sense of Japanese nature over the course of a year. Each dish blends a variety of seasonal ingredients and richly conjures up images of Japanese landscapes. The menu cycles through the seasons, with the appetizer expressing spring, the fish summer, the meat autumn, and the dessert winter. Both in the flavors of the ingredients and the visual presentation of the dishes, guests experience the changing seasons as they proceed through the courses. The Christmas mood is enhanced by an original playlist, created to match each dish by TOWA TEI, the music supervisor for INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO.

This is a marriage of a menu inspired by the four seasons and roughly ninety minutes of music designed to accompany the courses and also provide a whole other sense of the seasons through sound. The takeout dishes include a Bluetooth speaker with a QR code to access a link for downloading this special mix by TOWA TEI, meaning you can enjoy the ambience inside INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO even when eating at home.

Experience an INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO style of Christmas for all the senses.

Christmas Dinner
Dates and Availability
Tuesday, December 1–Tuesday, December 22: 2 per day (takeout only)
Wednesday, December 23–Friday, December 25: 5 per day (takeout and eat-in).
Reserve by calling 03-6447-1540.
Prices: 18,000 yen (incl. tax) for two
Takeout courses include Bluetooth speakers.

Menu (2 servings per course)

Spring: Appetizer (1 set for 2)
This dish conjures up an image of spring and its sprouting plants. A terrine with asparagus, baby corn, and okra, the result is as refreshing in the mouth as it is fun for the eye, thanks to the colorful radishes that seem to be growing out of the soil. The TOWA TEI mix renders an impression of pastel, gentle spring through pure instrumentals.

Summer: Fish (2 sets)
This fish course symbolizes the joy of the beach on a hot summer day. It includes generous portions of lobster and abalone, prepared like succulent gelée. It is complemented by a mousse that resembles corn. To accompany the dish, TOWA TEI has made a mix that flows rhythmically with consciously fresh and soft-voiced English jazz vocals.

Autumn: Meat (2 sets)
This course expresses the autumnal harvest. It matches Tamba chicken and truffles with mushrooms and foie gras for a rich and thrilling set of flavors. TOWA TEI’s mix pays particular attention to autumn as the season when the leaves turn red, evoking a strong sense of fiery passion with a Latin and French vibe.

Winter: Dessert (1 set for 2)
With visuals that suggest white wintry snow, this tiramisu is a collaboration with aromatic ganache store MAISON CACAO and its white chocolate baumkuchen spit cake. The moist, milky flavor melts delightfully in the mouth. TOWA TEI has prepared a special dessert-themed mix, bringing to mind an apt Christmas season mood while also creating a richly varied yet quiet and serene atmosphere.

Comment from TOWA TEI
For almost thirty years, I have curated all kinds of music and have many times contributed to spaces where food is eaten. There is a pleasure to this different from that of selecting music for dancing and I take pride in the fact that I have my own particular discernment in regard to choosing music that accompanies food. This being a special Christmas dinner and inspired by the four seasons, I wanted the experience to feel like a drive through a landscape changing with the seasons. My mix comprises four parts to match the four courses, while also maintaining a tone and character appropriate to Christmas.

TOWA TEI made his American debut in 1990 with the album “World Clique” as a member of Deee-Lite. He has to date released nine solo albums, three as Sweet Robots Against the Machine, and one studio album with the group METAFIVE. In addition, he has also since September 2013 continued to serve as music supervisor for INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO in Aoyama, Tokyo.

In 2017, he released the album “EMO” and made the music for a NHK documentary about the artist Yayoi Kusama. In 2018, he was the music supervisor for “Neue Tanz,” the Yellow Magic Orchestra fortieth-anniversary album. In 2019, he created the main visuals with artist Tomoo Gokita for the documentary feature film NO SMOKING about YMO member Haruomi Hosono, released to mark fifty years since his debut.

In 2019, he celebrated twenty-five years since his solo debut with “ON AIR EP,” a collaboration that developed out of the J-WAVE radio show Sweet Robots, “ARBEIT,” a CD album compiling his “outside” work, and a vinyl rerelease of “FUTURE LISTENING!,” his first solo album. He also held a solo exhibition, “GLUE SCISSORS,” taking its name from a new group he formed with Tomoo Gokita to release (with MERMAID) a four-track split single, “MACH EP.”

In 2020, he marked thirty years since his debut with a new seven-inch vinyl track, “MAGIC.” In 2021, he plans to release a new track on seven-inch vinyl as well as his tenth studio album.