Jun 05,2019. UPDATE

Cool Down This Summer with New Rare Sugar Smoothies and a Shaved Ice Stimulating All the Senses

Just in time for the start of summer, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO offers the latest in its popular annual series of original shaved ice desserts from June 12th.

The Senses Shaved Ice is a treat for literally all the senses, inspired by the craftsmanship of LEXUS that aims for the unique in the Japanese spirit of anticipatory hospitality and meticulous skill. First relish the pure aroma and flavor of the grapes in an espuma made with 100% wine grape juice and no added water alongside shaved natural ice from the Karuizawa region.
As you continue to explore the enigmatic tastes of this dish, you next encounter the lemon from the powder you sprinkle on top, which further transforms when the accompanying miracle fruit is eaten and sweetens the lemon flavor. Enhanced yet further by the playful sensations and sounds from the ice and other ingredients crunching in your mouth, this shaved ice is a dessert that truly stimulates all your senses.

From the end of May, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO has also started offering two new kinds of rare sugar smoothies. Perfectly complementing the shaved ice, these seasonal smoothies showcase the irresistibly tropical tastes of guava and papaya.

The Senses Shaved Ice: 1,200 yen (incl. tax)
Shaved from finely textured natural ice from Karuizawa, this dessert features an original deluxe espuma of 100% pure grape juice pressed entirely from the Austrian wine grape Grüner Veltliner and no added water, and with a topping of Delaware, Pione, and Kyoho grapes. After experiencing the essential fragrance and flavor of the grapes, sprinkle on the powder to add a lemony taste to the mix. Then watch as the color changes from purple to red. Finally, try the miracle fruit that comes as a side dish and the lemony shaved ice will evolve into yet another, sweeter flavor. The carbon dioxide grains in the espuma foam also provide vivid crunching sensations in the mouth. It is all served in a high-titanium bowl that keeps the dish chilled for longer, allowing you to appreciate the soft texture fully right up to that last mouthful.

Rare Sugar Smoothies: 700 yen each (incl. tax)
Emerald Melon, Pistachio & Guava
This is a decidedly creamy smoothie mixing guava and emerald melon from Kochi as well as a paste made from pistachio, regarded as the “queen of nuts” for its particularly high nutritional value. Balanced by the main flavor of the melon, the smoothie maintains just the right degree of sweetness. The potassium in the pistachio is effective at removing excess salts and water from the body, making it particularly ideal for people who suffer from swelling.

Papaya, Lychee & Shequasar
Blending rare Japanese papaya that can only be harvested during strictly limited periods with early summer lychee and pleasantly acidic shequasar (Citrus depressa), this is a refreshing and very mildly scented smoothie. Enjoy the drink while spooning up the tapioca topping that resembles papaya seeds.

Natural ice: Ice that has frozen naturally in winter over a long period of time. The gradual freezing process forces out impurities to leave ice that is very clean. Compared to regular ice, it is less likely to result in a headache. It is ideal for use in high-quality kakigori-style shaved ice.

Rare sugar: A sugar that occurs naturally only in small quantities, unlike commonly available glucose and other regular types of sugar. It has attracted much attention as a choice for dieting and a healthy sugar substitute with anti-aging qualities.

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