May 31,2018. UPDATE

New Summer Menu of Torched Shaved Ice, Kneaded Desserts, and Rare Sugar Smoothies

INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO offers a new summer menu from June 8th.

Every year, the INTERSECT shaved ice desserts enjoy a great response from guests. For 2018, this classic summer dish will be served with a topping of espuma whip that is torched tableside right in front of guests’ eyes. Balancing the juice of 100-year-old apples from the Aomori region with sugar and egg white, the dessert is finished off with a espuma so thick that the heat does not reach the ice when it is torched. This lightly seared effect enhances both the fun and tastes of the dessert, retaining the foamy softness and adding a new flavor like roasted apples. The ice itself is natural ice from Karuizawa that has a fine texture, making INTERSECT the only place in the Kanto region where such ice can be eaten in a dish.

The menu also has a Japanese-style kneaded sweet (nerigashi) made in partnership with the popular confectionary store Ginza Kazuya. Based on the store’s staple Kazuya no Neri, previously never sold off the premises, this original kneaded dessert that harnesses the rich tastes of Japanese bracken starch and milk has been created especially for INTERSECT.

Moreover, the summer drinks lineup features two types of smoothies that employ rare sugar and the superfood pitaya (dragon fruit).

Visit INTERSECT this summer for a truly refreshing and amazing world of flavors.

Torched Shaved Ice: 1,000 yen (incl. tax) The apple espuma whip on the Seared Shaved Ice is lightly torched tableside. The result is an incredible fusion of hot and cold temperatures with a foamy texture. The apples underneath the espuma whip provide a special topping. It all adds up to a shaved ice dessert that is refreshing and not too sweet. It is served in a high-titanium bowl that keeps the dish colder for longer, allowing you to appreciate the soft texture fully right up to that final mouthful.

Nerigashi Milk Kneaded Wrap: 800 yen (incl. tax)
This is the fifth in a series of desserts developed by INTERSECT in partnership with Ginza Kazuya. Harnessing the rich tastes of Japanese bracken starch and milk, this unique INTERSECT kneaded dessert enwraps an aromatic, original vanilla ice cream that features a lavish amount of vanilla beans. The sauce is a hojicha honey original to INTERSECT and Ginza Kazuya, made from Kyoto Uji hojicha roasted green tea. Its harmony of superior sweetness and subtle sharpness is given a special accent of foil sugar.

Rare Sugar Smoothies: 700 yen each (incl. tax)
Manga, Pitaya & Sudachi
This smoothie balances mango, which is abundant in vitamins C and A that help retain skin moisture, with pitaya (dragon fruit), renowned as a superfood for its beauty benefits. The mix is completed by Tokushima sudachi citrus fruit, which adds a textured and refreshing acidity to the flavor.

Blueberry, Grape & Satonishiki Cherry
Featuring richly flavored Japanese blueberries and kyoho grapes alongside the premier sweetness of luxury Satonishiki cherries, this sharply accented smoothie has plenty of anthocyanin and polyphenol with antioxidative properties effective at enhancing skin beauty.

Natural ice: Ice that has frozen naturally in winter over a long period of time. During the gradual freezing process, impurities are forced out to leave ice that is very clean. Compared to regular ice, it is less likely to result in a headache. It is ideal for use in kakigori-style shaved ice.

Rare sugar: A sugar that occurs naturally only in small quantities, unlike commonly available glucose and other regular types of sugar. It has recently attracted much attention as a healthy sugar substitute with anti-aging qualities.

Please inquire at INTERSECT for further information.