Jul 06,2015. UPDATE

Customized Shaved Ice: Original kakigori dessert with unique syrup choices

This menu is no longer available.

The rainy season in Tokyo will be over soon and then the peak of the summer will be here. Beat the dog days with the Customized Shaved Ice (850 yen).

This dessert is unique to INTERSECT BY LEXUS and is a contemporary reinterpretation of classic kakigori Japanese shaved ice. It features a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream and a choice of three flavors of syrup.

The espresso syrup uses coffee beans selected by INTERSECT partner Fuglen, the Norwegian micro roaster. The condensed milk syrup is laced with honey, while the passion fruit syrup is made with fresh fruit. Mix and match the syrups as you like.

The shaved ice is served in a titanium bowl that keeps it cold for longer. And for 100 yen more, add an extra helping of shaved ice so you can really cool down.