Oct 27,2016. UPDATE

Special Menu Created by SUGALABO Chef Yosuke Suga

INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO is proud to partner with SUGALABO Chef Yosuke Suga for a special seasonal menu from October 28th inspired by the unique charms of Japanese cuisine.

Traveling all over Japan and discovering different regional foods and techniques, Yosuke Suga has designed an exclusive menu that resembles a journey around the country. These seasonal items resonate with a desire to share Japan’s rich food culture, and will inspire guests to take their own trip by car and experience first-hand the delights of local Japanese cuisine.

Nagasaki Goto Islands Coral Trout & Winter Vegetable Nage 2,800 yen (incl. tax)
In September, Suga took a trip to the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture, where he discovered a special way to prepare fish by bleeding them in the sea. The waters of the Goto Islands are abundant in blessings. During this season, the best fish to enjoy is the coral trout, which is here served with a generous helping of nutritious winter vegetables.

Century-old Jonathan Apple Tarte Tatin 1,800 yen (incl. tax)
In May, Suga visited Aomori, a region renowned for its caliber of apples. This tarte tatin uses Jonathan apples from a tree that has stood at a farm in Aomori for over a century. With their fragrant yet acidic quality and modest juiciness, these apples are ideal for tarte tatin, and here the natural flavors of the ingredients are harnessed to their full potential.

Yosuke Suga
Director, SUGALABO Inc.

Born in Nagoya in 1976 into a family that ran food businesses, including a French restaurant and pâtisserie. He grew up experiencing this world from the inside. He met Joël Robuchon at the age of 21, after which he spent 16 years working for the master chef. He served as head chef of new branches opened by Joël Robuchon in Tokyo, Las Vegas, New York, Taiwan, and Paris. He returned to Japan in 2014 in order to open up his own business, launching SUGALABO Inc. and a “laboratory” in Kamiyacho, Tokyo in 2015. While working creatively in a range of fields, he serves incredible dishes for discerning patrons at his exclusive establishment strictly for members by appointment only.