Oct 13,2015. UPDATE

Experience LFA supercar leather on items around INTERSECT

Go upstairs to the second floor lounge area at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO. Pick up a menu covers or touch one of the tableside bag rests. Or head back downstairs to the Café and sit on the bench seats. What do you notice? Leather.

And not just any leather: the leather used for these items inside INTERSECT is the same as the leather employed for the seats in the LEXUS LFA supercar.

Only 500 LFA cars were ever made, meaning INTERSECT is one of the few privileged places in the world where you can experience some of the luxury of the supercar.

But don’t be afraid to touch.

Go ahead and feel the texture of the material. This highly water-repellant leather can easily handle the hazards of daily life. If by chance you spill your drink or food, it wipes clean without fuss, leaving the quality unaffected.

The menu covers also come in three colors, each a delight to hold.

Until October 20th, visitors to INTERSECT can view special collaboration items created by BARNEYS NEW YORK and CRAFTED FOR LEXUS. The exclusive products include driving shoes and tote bags made by artisans using the LFA leather.

And even better, the LFA itself is also on display downstairs in the Garage, meaning visitors can see the leather in both its “original” environment and in its second life being used for other lifestyle items.



The BARNEYS NEW YORK x CRAFTED FOR LEXUS items are limited editions. Please be aware that certain items may sell out before the end of the exhibition.