Sep 30,2015. UPDATE

Car Parts Wall Installation

Head up to the second floor of INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO and on the stairs you encounter something that will very likely make you stop mid-step.

The entire wall on the right of the staircase is filled with car parts, which have then been painted a minimalist white.

Weighing a total of 1.2 tons, the wall installation was supervised by Masamichi Katayama (Wonderwall Inc.) as part of his design for the interior of INTERSECT. “I wanted to transform even the simple act of going up the stairs between the floors into a chance to experience the excitement of the brand,” Katayama says.

There are 250 components taken from five different LEXUS cars (LFA, LS, GS, IS, and RX) in this true fusion of art and engineering that pays tribute to the craftsmanship of LEXUS vehicles. Take a close look at the wall to see the beauty and skill integrated into the parts of a LEXUS car.