Aug 28,2015. UPDATE

Masamichi Katayama & INTERSECT BY LEXUS

Have you ever spotted the silver plate in the entranceway of INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO?

It is engraved with the name of interior designer Masamichi Katayama (Wonderwall Inc.).

Chosen as one of the top 100 designers in the world by UK magazine Wallpaper in 2014, Katayama is acclaimed for his fusion of Japanese with overseas sensibilities, and his deft balance of the traditional and contemporary.

What was Katayama’s concept for INTERSECT?

“More than just an exhibition room, I wanted to create a brand communication space,” he says.

Katayama’s vision for INTERSECT was a kind of clubhouse that forms whenever LEXUS owners get together. He wants people to use it as a “third place,” an environment that exists in between home and work.

As such, Katayama designed the space to be suitable for a wide range of situations. The exact way to use INTERSECT is up to each guest to decide, whether it be enjoying a meal, having a business meeting, or just reading a book with a cup of coffee.

Why don’t you try using INTERSECT as your third place?


Masamichi Katayama and INTERSECT BY LEXUS: