Mar 28,2016. UPDATE

New in the Bistro: Nerigashi Shironeri dessert by Ginza Kazuya

INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO continues its partnership with top Ginza confectionary store Kazuya with Nerigashi Shironeri (800 yen).

Kneaded jelly is Kazuya’s signature sweet, which took the owner two years to perfect and until now had been a secret treasure too precious to serve outside the store. Slowly thickened for close to an hour over a careful flame, the dessert is marked by its smooth texture and rich flavor.

INTERSECT BY LEXUS is the only venue allowed to serve Kazuya’s sweets for its desserts menu and the Nerigashi series has proved very popular with guests.

Made using Japanese warabi powder jelly and milk, the Nerigashi Shironeri comes with homemade ice cream created with luxury Madagascan vanilla beans. Complemented by banana and roasted almonds, the finishing touch is the green tea sauce.

This is a remarkably textured dessert, balancing the depth of the matcha and the milk with the fragrance of the vanilla ice cream and fruit.

Experience a fusion of tradition and innovation brought to you by Kazuya and LEXUS, available exclusively at INTERSECT and best enjoyed with Japanese tea or coffee.