Feb 10,2016. UPDATE

BROOKLYN MUSEUM Multi-Wallet Now Available in New Limited-Edition Color

Luxury leather goods brand BROOKLYN MUSEUM has created an exclusive new color for its Multi-Wallet, which features wider slots for both credit and business cards.

The original CRAFTED FOR LEXUS design, stylishly fitted with a spindle-grille motif, remains the same but now comes in brown, a shade popular among men and women in the BROOKLYN MUSEUM lineup.

The BROOKLYN MUSEUM items for CRAFTED FOR LEXUS are made from Yamato cowhide, a material extremely soft so the dye is fully absorbed and scratches are unnoticeable.

The chic brown color of this limited-edition new wallet is superbly offset by vibrant blue stitching. With its gentle texture and relaxing color, this is a designer wallet that can be used in a number of different ways, and makes an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day or anyone who starts their new life from April

Limited edition of 10
Price: 18,500 yen (incl. tax)