Jun 13,2016. UPDATE

Customized Shaved Ice with Karuizawa natural ice

Last year’s popular Customized Shaved Ice returns, offering the perfect summer treat for Tokyo.

This unique kakigori shaved ice dessert is made with natural ice from the resort region of Karuizawa and combines homemade vanilla ice cream with three types of syrup. Mix and match the flavors as you like.

There are three toppings included in the set: homemade condensed milk created with buckwheat honey; a passion fruit syrup that uses a whole fresh fruit; and new to this year, a matcha syrup made with the very best green tea from a famed tea region in south Japan. The shaved ice is also served in a special titanium bowl that keeps it colder for longer, allowing you to truly savor each rich mouthful.

Customized Shaved Ice: 950 yen (incl. tax)
Homemade vanilla ice cream, homemade syrups (condensed milk, passion fruit, matcha)

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Natural ice is water that has frozen naturally over time in the winter. The resulting ice is clear and free of impurities. It melts softly in the mouth and doesn’t trigger painful “ice cream headaches.”