Sep 20,2016. UPDATE

Takumi Bar with Master’s Dream, open for a limited time only

From September 27th to October 22nd, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO hosts an exclusive bar featuring the entire CRAFTED FOR LEXUS collection of lifestyle items as well as Master’s Dream, a special beer from the Suntory Premium Malts series of Pilsner lagers.

Master’s Dream is available at the Takumi Bar for 300 yen (incl. tax).

The bar also includes a food menu designed to integrate the rich, aromatic flavors of Master’s Dream with quality cuisine.

Smoked Fish and Chips complements the batter of a smoked eel fritter with Master’s Dream, enhancing the crunchy yet light texture of the dish. Lamb Shank Simmered in Master’s Dream takes the tender leg of a lamb and cooks it slowly in Master’s Dream for four days.

Suntory Premium Malts Master’s Dream is brewed with the same sense of craftsmanship as LEXUS brings to everything it does. Experience a special union of tradition and innovation at this unique collaboration event.

・Smoked Fish and Chips 1,300 yen (incl. tax)
・Lamb Shank Simmered in Master’s Dream 2,200 yen (incl. tax)