Nov 16,2016. UPDATE

Two popular dishes from INTERSECT BY LEXUS – DUBAI available for limited time only

At INTERSECT BY LEXUS – DUBAI, the first INTERSECT BY LEXUS to open outside Japan, guests can enjoy a range of healthy and organic dishes typical of the cosmopolitan, multicultural city that is Dubai.

To commemorate the first anniversary of INTERSECT BY LEXUS – DUBAI, six pairs of guests will be invited on a special luxury tour of the venue.


From December 1st to December 21st, two of the most popular dishes on the Dubai menu are also available at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO for a limited time only.

The INTERSECT chef in Tokyo visited Dubai to learn the local recipes from the in-house chef. Those tastes are now recreated for Tokyo diners with Japanese ingredients prepared in the Dubai style that reflects the LEXUS spirit of emotional and sensual craftsmanship.

Special Dubai Menu

Japanese Salmon Green Peas Puree 2,000 yen (incl. tax)

Sourced from organically farmed salmon of the highest quality, the fish is expertly pan-seared and served with a silky puree of green peas as well as pickled fruits and salad to make a well-rounded, filling meal. Popular with both female and male diners, it is a perfect harmony of flavors: refreshingly sweet, sour, and ever so slightly bitter.

Beet and Barley Risotto with Sour Cream 1,500 yen (incl. tax)
This novel risotto uses barley and beet, which is well known for its rich nutritional values and superb beauty benefits. The barley gives the risotto a hearty and flavorsome texture, while the purple of the beets make this a visually arresting dish, too. A great choice for vegetarians, it proves that you can be healthy and still satisfy all your cravings with one plate.