Sep 13,2018. UPDATE

New CRAFTED FOR LEXUS Items for 2018

Two new items have been added to the CRAFTED FOR LEXUS lifestyle collection.

The additions to the lineup are Inaho, an interior lighting fixture by Hideki Yoshimoto’s Tangent brand, and World Clock, by the designer Masafumi Ishikawa. Both items have been especially adapted from winning entries at the Lexus Design Award 2013.

Tangent, Inaho 590,000 yen (incl. tax)
Inaho is an interior lighting fixture that sways whenever someone passes by like golden ears of rice in a gentle breeze. Meticulously refining carefully selected materials down to the last 0.1mm and then digitally programmed every 0.01 seconds to achieve the swaying motion, Inaho conjures up an ideal combination of movement and light. The wooden panel base is made from the same materials as LEXUS vehicles. The wood grain evocative of clouds and the shadow of the rice ears extending from the base cast a golden hue over the room and conjure up a pleasant sensation of being surrounded by nature.

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Masafumi Ishikawa, World Clock 9,600 yen (incl. tax)
Inspired by the idea of rotating the clock itself instead of the hands on the face, this timepiece tells you the current time around the globe just by rolling it. The clock displays 12 time zones for cities including Tokyo, New York, and Dubai, where there are INTERSECT BY LEXUS locations. The dial utilizes the same carbon fiber used for LEXUS sports cars. This minimal design that infuses a sense of craftsmanship within the simple makes a perfect fit with any interior.

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The Inaho and World Clock will be available from INTERSECT BY LEXUS from September 15th. Visit INTERSECT to see up-close these incredible examples of young designers inspired by the craftsmanship of LEXUS.


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