Feb 02,2018. UPDATE

Enjoy a Cinematic Romantic Dining Experience with Seasonal Frozen Chocolate Fondue

As a special treat during the romantic Valentine’s Day and White Day period, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO is serving the Seasonal Frozen Chocolate Fondue from February 7th.

Seasonal Frozen Chocolate Fondue is a unique dessert combining delicious fruit frozen in liquid nitrogen at -196 Celsius (-321 Fahrenheit) with warm chocolate sauce in a fondue style.

There are five varieties of seasonal fruit: 100-Year-Old Apple from Yamada Orchard, Aomori Prefecture; Amaou strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture; Setoka, a type of hybrid citrus fruit, from Aichi Prefecture; kiwifruit from Saga Prefecture; and starfruit from Okinawa Prefecture.

The fondue is served on a dish with dry ice fog, creating a dining experience like a romantic scene from a movie.

The sauce uses an original couverture chocolate by Domori, which is regarded as one of the world’s best chocolate producers. Featuring 70% cacao, the richly textured and delicately sweet chocolate makes a mouthwatering match with the fruit.

Visit INTERSECT at this most romantic time of year to experience the amazing.

Period: February 7th – March 15th, 2018
(Valentine’s Day and White Day period)
Price: 1,300 yen (incl. tax)

Couverture Chocolate Sauce
The fondue features a sauce made with original couverture chocolate used by KEN’S CAFÉ TOKYO, which is renowned for its chocolate gateau. The delicious runny texture of the sauce is achieved by coconut oil.

Frozen Fruit
100-Year-Old Apple (Aomori Prefecture)

Harvested from trees grafted from century-old apple trees at Yamada Orchard in northern Japan, these apples are unusually sweet.

Amaou strawberry (Fukuoka Prefecture)
This juicy strawberry is a perfect balance of sweet and sour flavors. With each strawberry containing the same amount of vitamin C as half a lemon, this fruit also helps improve your immunity and beauty.

Setoka citrus (Aichi Prefecture)
The rich and juicy flavor of this citrus, paired with its fresh orange aroma, goes superbly with the chocolate.

Kiwifruit (Saga Prefecture)
In addition to the digestive enzyme actinidain, this fruit packed with vitamins and minerals has become well known recently for its superfood properties.

Starfruit (Okinawa Prefecture)
Deriving its name from the star-like shape visible when you cut into it, this fruit offers various beauty benefits thanks to its high vitamin C levels equivalent to six times that of a regular orange.