Sep 26,2018. UPDATE

Original INTERSECT Mont Blanc Dessert Made Fresh to Order

Starting September 26th, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO offers an original Mont Blanc dessert as a new autumn menu item.

The Mont Blanc is a deluxe dessert featuring chopped Japanese chestnuts on a grilled meringue base, enveloped in espuma-style fresh whipped cream and an original stringy INTERSECT chestnut purée, and all topped with kuri-okoge* scorched rice. It is made only after an order is placed, guaranteeing the freshness of the meringue and cream, and the richness of the chestnut flavors.

The Mont Blanc’s chestnut “strings” are an original blend of rum, chestnut purée, and vanilla beans that offers a unique mix of tastes exclusive to INTERSECT.

The chopped Japanese chestnuts are from Tanzawa and Tsukuba varieties grown, respectively, in Kumamoto and Ibaraki prefectures, boasting an astringent skin that really brings out the flavor. Heavily restraining the sweetness of the meringue and fresh cream results in a dessert that allows the eater to enjoy the essential taste of the chestnuts to the full. The kuri-okoge topping uses Nitaro chestnut scorched rice from Gifu’s Nakatsugawa, the birthplace of kuri kinton candied chestnuts. This crunchy kuri-okoge adds a further accent, forming a Mont Blanc dessert filled with various chestnut tastes.

Experience the vivid flavors of the Japanese autumn at INTERSECT.

*Kuri-okoge is a type of Japanese scorched rice made at the bottom of a cooking pot when cooking kuri kinton (candied chestnuts with sweet potatoes). It is a rare dish packed with the flavors of chestnuts and can only be made in small quantities.