Apr 04,2019. UPDATE

New Premium Leather Handbag CRAFTED FOR LEXUS Item for Spring 2019

The newest addition to the CRAFTED FOR LEXUS lifestyle collection lineup for spring 2019 is a luxury leather handbag made with the same L-aniline genuine leather used in top LEXUS vehicles.

Developed over the course of seven years, L-aniline boasts a durability that could pass the rigorous standards for LEXUS automobile leather as well as a remarkably thin coating on the surface that retains the essential smooth and soft qualities of leather. The brand responsible for this sophisticated accessory is AETHER, whose leather items are planned and designed by an exclusively female team. The resulting design is infused with female perspectives that anticipate a variety of formal and casual scenarios. This is then expertly and sensitively transformed into the final handbag by the consummate and uniquely Japanese skills of artisans. Delicate in shape yet practically proportioned so that it can hold everyday items such as a laptop, this accessory is just as comfortable whether in your hand or over your shoulder. There are two colors (59,000 yen each, incl. tax): smoky white and dark gray leather paired with, respectively, bordeaux or olive on the inside.

Available from April 5th, visit INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO to experience the handbag’s charming texture and elegant curves that enhance your style as soon as you pick it up.

AETHER Leather Handbag


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