June 30, 2021 - August 24, 2021

Tamayura, an Art Installation of Dancing Raindrops

INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO’s ground-floor Garage space hosts a special installation, Tamayura, from June 30, 2021.

Meaning a fleeting moment, Tamayura recreates the movement of raindrops “dancing” on the top of a car. The installation uses the soft roof fabric of the LC 500 Convertible, a car that provides a sense of unity with nature and the seasons.

Even on a gloomy rainy day, this exhibit reminds us of what makes rain so charming by conjuring up an experience of its richly varied sounds and movements.

We have a culture in Japan of enjoying the rain, and have dozens of words to describe it. Free, vigorous, and beautiful raindrops express a uniquely Japanese aesthetic of the changing seasons, weather, and impermanence. This sensibility that resonates with the LEXUS philosophy was transformed into the captivating Tamayura art installation by the creative team kaibutsu.

Water drops on a suspended piece of LC Convertible’s soft top roof fabric move in response to music. Sometimes slow, sometimes energetic, the drops of water seem to almost come to life while conjoining or separating in a constant state of flux. The rain “performance” builds to a crescendo and reaches a must-see finale every few minutes that visitors are sure to enjoy.

Perfect for these days of limited travel, visit INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO to experience the sheer delight and beauty of rain.

Exhibition: Wednesday, June 30–Tuesday, August 24, 2021

A creative team based in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, kaibutsu is known for its bold ideas and uncompromising commitment to detail. Their work continues to make waves.

LC 500 Convertible
The much-anticipated convertible version of the LC 500 flagship coupe furthers the evolution of LEXUS toward becoming a luxury lifestyle brand. It aspires to express ultimate beauty and provide unique driving experiences that stimulate the senses.