November 20, 2019 - January 10, 2020

Page-a-Day Photo & Art Calendar Hope for 2020 mountain morning by INTERSECT BY LEXUS

The ground floor Garage at INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO hosts the exhibition “Page-a-Day Photo & Art Calendar” from November 20th.

Since it first opened in 2013, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO has collaborated with a wide range of artists, introducing their work in its Lounge, Garage, and window spaces in ways customized to match the seasons and current events in the city. As we approach the landmark year that is 2020, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO is partnering with various photographers and artists to create a page-a-day calendar, inspired by the theme of hope from the achievements of the venue until now and its future aspirations. For the exhibition, Garage transforms into an installation space featuring this special calendar.

Around 20 artists are collaborating on the calendar, each creating a single page of the large calendar that captures their respective interpretations of the hopes of INTERSECT BY LEXUS.

Garage changes each day to match the new page of the calendar. The design of the space is by interior stylist Fumiko Sakuhara, who has handled styling for the Lounge at INTERSECT BY LEXUS ever since it opened in Tokyo and imaginatively used the ground floor window display to tell vivid seasonal stories. Her design for the Garage space works in close harmony with the artists’ calendar pages and will also reflect Christmas, New Year, and other seasonal events.

Every day is different! Visit INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO and experience this unique photography and art calendar in person.

Participating Artists & Photographers (in alphabetical order) (TBC)
Masanori Akao
Akiko Baba
Norio Kidera
Koomi Kim
Wataru Komachi
Hiroko Matsubara
Yuji Mizuta
Shoji Morinaga
Masahiro Sambe
Megumi Seki
Masakatsu Shimoda
Seishi Shirakawa
Yasayuki Takaki
Yoichiro Uchida
Satoshi Yamaguchi
Osamu Yokonami
Shingo Wakagi

In cooperation with Maruni Wood Industry
Styling: Fumiko Sakuhara